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Maintenance Request - FLEE-01

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Maintenance Request


      Date: 29/07/2020


     Owner's Full Name: Freddie Lee

     Representative's Name: -

     Phone number: 1581630086

     Email: [email protected]


     Tail Number: FLEE-01

     Vehicle Identification Number ((VIN)): 4336

      Aircraft Model: Civilian Helicopters Havok

      Type of aircraft: [Regular / Advanced / Heavy]

      Date of purchase: 30/06/2020

      Image of the aircraft



      Relevant information regarding the aircraft: Aircraft has been bought recently second handed and needs a firm check up to ensure everything is up to par.


      Type of service requested: [One Time Maintenance / Weekly Maintenance / Monthly / Propose another plan if needed]


      Me, Freddie Lee, fully understand that my application can be rejected if my aircraft is in a degraded state which may come in conflict with the aircraft engineer's safety of environment. I agree to allow the C.A.A. to perform a maintenance on the mentioned aircraft, identified by the mentioned tail number, and allow the C.A.A. representatives to contact me if anything that requires an additional fee will be needed.


       I confirm that the information provided are correct and I am the rightful representative of the owner of this aircraft, or its owner.




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Dear MR Freddie Lee (( @Qainer )),


     We have decided to ACCEPT your request of one time maintenance check for aircraft identified by tail number FLEE-01 and unique vehicle identification number 4336. The following sum is to be sent to County Air Administration and a proof of payment should be provided.


$1125 (Employee discount applied)


     Please contact us via email and speak with a member of the Aircraft Engineering Team in order to schedule the maintenance process. Please bring your ID and the paperwork of the upper mentioned aircraft. 


Kind regards,

Tony Carlton

Senior Aircraft Engineer

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Proof of payment provided below.




The aircraft is parked inside County Air Administration's Ground Crew Hangar. (HG-GC).




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Maintenance Log


     Engineer: Tony Carlton

     Assisted by: Tony Carlton

     Date and Time: 02/08/2020 - 03/08/2020 

     Type of Operation: One time in depth check

     Task Details: Fuel filter changed, Oil and filter changed, Full in depth examination of the exterior rivets (All rivets countersunk to 100°) Rotor blade sleeve's         inspected, realigned GPS for a more accurate reading, Engine start up and shutdown readings on the RPM gauge were in the green arch, Full inspection of       the engine. 

     Equipment used: Adjustable spanner, Aeroshell engine oil, Torch, Camera probe


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