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The Los Santos Shadows Fight Club Event 2

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The LSSFC is hosting it's second event THIS SATURDAY (July 25) at 7:00PM!


This week, we will see if Rico can keep that winning streak going, or if he will be beat by one of the newcomers. Also this week, the event host, Tesoro, is going to be fighting in the ring for the first time! Two more newcomers to the ring, Ink and Dom, will be seeing how they fair. Matches are currently undecided, and lots will be drawn on the day of the fight, so there's no telling what could happen! You don't want to miss it folks! Visit out website for information on tickets, and event location!



Rico (1-0-0)





Rules (as always):

No groin attacks.

No head butts.

No eye gouging.

No fish hooking.

No biting.

No hair pulling.

No knees to the head on a grounded opponent.

No strikes to the back of the head or the spine.

No fingers in an opponent's orifices.

No strikes or grabbing of the throat.

No manipulation of the fingers or toes.

No intentional grabbing of the ring or cage.

No intentional throwing of your opponent outside of the ring or cage.


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Saturday is the 25th not the 22nd... so fixed that
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