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'The Collective' Crew (集体暴民).

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The Collective Crew - 集体  暴民

Drug Trafficking Organization.




The Beginning:



Members of the original collective group in the 1980s. 


The Cheung Collective was created by one group of the islands minority population, mainly, Chinese and Hong-Kong immigrants to the island that sought work from the popular areas of Los Santos that brought in work opportunities from the thriving tourist industry. The group was grown out of necessity to  protect the merchants and citizens of Asian descent from other groups that meant harm. Originally, the collective was entirely legal and operated as a neighborhood watch program. 


The Turning Point:

The late Yao Cheung Sr moved to the island with his family in the 1970s to seek better opportunities. Shortly after arriving, his wife and son, Yao Chueng Jr also arrived. Yao Cheung Sr had criminal ties back home in Hong-Kong where was an associate of a local 14k Triad group. Upon arriving in the city and settling into  Textile City, he learned about 'The Collective' neighborhood watch group and quickly got involved.  As he became more acquainted with the group, he subtly mentioned to them the idea of making some good money.  The group soon naturally started to incorporate organized crime elements as he Cheung Sr promised them that he could bring in wealth.







No one knows for certain how 'The Collective' operates today after the passing of Yao Cheung Sr in 2019. In addition, many of the original members under the leadership of Yao Cheung Sr are in jail, deceased, missing, or otherwise left the island.


Rumors have spread around that the group is much smaller now and is operated by Yao Cheung Jr. A well-known local in the area of Textile City and son of Yao Cheung Sr.  Authorities speculate that 'The Collective' operates the shady corporation, 'Caribbean Atlantic Corporation'  and is involved in the areas of drug and gun smuggling with potential ties to the Triads in Hong-Kong. 






The inte


The intentions of this faction is to portray a drug trafficking organization founded by residents of Chinese-American heritage  but not exclusively Asian. The structure of this group will have a heavy emphasis on drug-dealing, gun smuggling, and other criminal acts and gradually, with proper development, begin turning into a organized crime unit.







- We are actively looking for experienced players that wish to roleplay in our faction and help to create a thriving Asian community within Owlgaming. You can contact @zoezoegiganticfor future questions on joining.


Below are some guidelines that we expect:


- Prospective members must have a clean admin record on Owlgaming and abide by all server rules.


-  We highly highly encourage that you do some basic research on the culture of your character before joining.  Southeast Asian characters are requested for this factions immersion. 


- You can be creative in how you design your character if you wish to roleplay within the group. We accept both legal and illegal roleplayers. You can also hang-around the faction hotspots as a civilian without joining in Textile City.



Character-Kill Agreement Clause:  



Upon expressing interest and joining the faction, you agree to character-kill rights by the leadership of the faction at any time for any major action that puts the factions and its members in jeopardy. 


Examples how how you could be CK'd:

1. If your character ICly deserts the organization and has intel on its operations. You could possibly be CK'd or banished upon your return to playing the character.

2. Betrayals and ratting out members of the faction.

3. Deciding to work for an police or government LEO and you are discovered.

















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Faction OOC Recruitment Oppurtunity: 


If this seems like fun to you then we are OOC recruiting for roleplayers that wish to join.  If you are interested in applying, then click the link below to join our group discord and discuss it with us.


Click ->  The Collective Discord Group




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Home Sweet Home





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