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'The Collective' Crew (集体暴民).

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The Collective - 集体  暴民

Southeast Asian Affiliated - Drug Trafficking Organization.





Asian immigrants have long been residing in the state for many years. This can be noted by the various vibrant districts spread around the city, such as Little Seoul and Simmet Alley. 'The Collective', as many local citizens and merchants of these areas call it, is a small organized crime group that never intended to be one. It was born out of necessity to protect people, many of Asian descent, from the various gangs and units that were causing havoc for the people of these areas. 




As the years went by, 'The Collective' became an much-cherished group by the many merchants and residents of Little Seoul and Simmet Alley. They organized  community watch programs, and fundraisers, and more. However, the group never had an official name. As the years went on, people with more 'malicious' intents started to join. These individuals were younger and some had backgrounds overseas with various groups such as the 14K Triads. 'The Collective' got into their first organized crime when they began to 'passive-aggressively' demand that local businesses in the area begin to pay a monthly fee to ensure their businesses kept protected. Many of the businesses did pay as they saw how effective it was. As time went on, 'The Collective' dabbled into other areas, such as drug trading, arms dealing, and racketeering.




'The Collective' now consists of a small group of individuals that are involved in the area of drug trafficking. Rumors speculate that they have connections with triad groups overseas and that the collective works as a liaison to disperse the drugs and other items for them. This essentially makes them an DTO(Drug Trafficking Organization). The group is known to consist of predominantly Southeast Asian individuals that are both first, second, and third generation. However, this does not necessarily mean that non-asians are not part of the organization. 




The main focus of 'The Collective' is currently in the lucrative area of drug trafficking. This includes dispersing and even manufacturing through hidden labs scattered around the island.  The group is known to offer its services in trafficking to groups both abroad and domestic and uses all tools necessary to ensure the product is delivered fast and discreetly. 


Aside from drug trafficking, 'The Collective' also has very small scale organized crime operations where they participate in money laundering, racketeering, loan-sharking, and fencing of stolen items. 






Our intentions are to portray an drug trafficking organization that is based in Los Santos. The faction itself is not an triad or clique but an organization that was founded by individuals of Southeast Asian heritage, such as, China, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia,  in Los Santos.  This gives us more autonomy to recruit members of all backgrounds, though, Southeast Asian characters are highly encouraged as it will help with the immersion and the lore of factions background. 


We will start our operations at a small-scale and will see how it goes over time. We would like to emphasize character-development therefore, it may take us some time to become notable within the city. 








Click ->  The Collective Discord Group



OOC Recruitment:


Due to our faction being new, we are actively seeking roleplayers to join us in this journey! Our faction is willing to give about anyone a chance to roleplay in our group regardless if you are new to the roleplay scene or have been playing for years. We are more than willing to assist you along the way! The Collective gives you a lot of flexibility in what you are trying to roleplay as. You can assist on the illegal side or work as an legal associate.  We also highly encourage members to make Southeast Asian characters to help with immersion purposes, if needed, we are more than willing to help you with the research. 


The best way to start this is through our discord link above. Simply click it and you will be able to join our group. In addition, you can also message @zoezoegigantic on the forums.







Character-Kill Agreement Clause:  



Upon expressing interest and joining the faction, you agree to character-kill rights by the leadership of the faction at any time for any major action that puts the factions and its members in jeopardy. 


Examples how how you could be CK'd:

1. If your character ICly deserts the organization and has intel on its operations. You could possibly be CK'd or banished upon your return to playing the character.

2. Betrayals and ratting out members of the faction.

3. Deciding to work for an police or government LEO and you are discovered.














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xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao 

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Faction OOC Recruitment Oppurtunity: 


If this seems like fun to you then we are OOC recruiting for roleplayers that wish to join.  If you are interested in applying, then click the link below to join our group discord and discuss it with us.


Click ->  The Collective Discord Group




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