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Auction House Rules

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Hello there!


We'd like to welcome you into the Auction House!


Upon entering, you have given us your personal information to place bids and host an auction. This information is used incase our Auction Regulations are broken. The regulations are to be found below.


Auction Regulations


The following has come into effect as of November 23, 2015, All auctions online established after this date as to be in compliance with these basic regulations:


  • Auctions must have a set end date (no 'X time after last bid' or 'When item is sold'). Auctions may not be set to last beyond fourteen (14) calendar days.
  • Ending dates that do not provide a set time shall end immediately on that day (Auctions set to end on January 5th will end as soon as January 5th starts unless a time is otherwise set).
  • Bids may be withdrawn and changed at any time before it is acknowledged - Only before the bid is acknowledged by the thread creator is the bid final.
  • Once an item is put up for sale, the auctioneer may not withdraw the item unless no one has bid on it in within three days.
  • Both the auctioneer and bidders have an inherent right to privacy. 'Private' names may be used so long as the true information behind the users is known by Site Administrators, Law Enforcement (should it be required), and both the auctioneer and winner of the auction at the auction's conclusion.
  • If you're bidding on an item, you must have the assets or money available at the time of your bid, and must maintain this throughout your bid.
  • Whenever you're auctioning something, you must have the assets, vehicles or properties available at the time of your auction, and must maintain this throughout the duration of your auction as long as the status is still ON-GOING.
  • Reserve bids are not allowed to be set for auctions. 
  • Buy outs, if any, must be made at the start of the auction. One cannot add a buy out price later, as a "TBA". If a buy out has been set, it may not be manipulated under any circumstances. Buy outs through out the auction that are not the set buyout, cannot be accepted.
  • Auction end times are final. Auctioneers may not extend their auction time beyond what has been already established upon creation of the auction. However, it is understood that extraneous situations occur, in which case permission may be granted to extend an auction on a case by case basis.
  • Starting bids may only be manipulated BEFORE any individual has bid on an item. Once people have bid on an item, you may not alter the starting bid.
  • Trading in auctions isn't allowed. Auctions are made to sell vehicles, properties or items for money not for other items or products. 
  • If the auctioneer was offered a starting amount which is lower than the starting bid that was previously set and he is going to accept it, he has to edit the thread first with the new starting he is accepting and then notify the bidder that his offer was accepted.
  • Bumping auctions before 24 hours isn't allowed.
  • Auctioneers are to decided to whether disable the comments on their auction only before posting the auction. Once the auction is posted with enabled comments, it can't be disabled under any circumstances unless the Webmasters Team decided to do so.
  • Auction Webmasters Team doesn't permit any auctioneer to delete any comments. Auctioneers are only allowed to flag, mark or report a comment, giving the reasoning. From that point, the Webmasters Team will decide if the reason is sufficient to delete it or not.
  • Bidders are allowed to ask the auctioneer for his/her business profit average. Therefore, the auctioneer is to reply to them with a close average if not the exact number.


(( OOC Regulations ))


  • Your auction will be archived if there has been no response for five days.
  • You may not scam in this board.
  • You may not sell assets that are currently on credit and haven't been paid off in full.
  • You may not arrange robberies through an auction.
  • Auctions must be posted using the formats provided or identically reflect the layout of the forms.
  • Private bids must be placed by the private bidder in the thread itself. His character name may be left out. 
  • OOC conversations should be at a minimum. Therefore, disabling OOC comments won't be allowed anymore. They'll be moderated by the Webmasters Team at all times.
  • All auction dates and times are to adhere to IC server time, (GMT 0) not your local time. Any auction not following server time will be canceled by the webmasters.
  • Bids placed can be of any form such as $10,000 or 10k or 10 grands. As long as the bid makes sense to the auctioneer and to the general public, they're acceptable. If you're writing anything make sure it's under the comment heading. That's only if the comments are enabled.
  • Using trollish names while bidding or commenting on an auction such as “ILOVETHISCAR” is forbidden. This is an IC forum so you should use your character name.
  • Bidders from now on must be using whether their full character name or initials of first-name and surname. Nicknames are forbidden on our boards as well whether for legal or illegal characters. However, the rule of using private still exists.
  • Using more than one name on the same auction isn't allowed. If you’re bidding with a character and used a name, you must keep bidding using the same name.
  • Players must add in-game pictures of the vehicles and properties they sell.
  • You’re not allowed under any circumstances to use our boards while you’re banned in the game server. (( remember it is already mentioned in the server rules ))


If you assume/know that OOC rules are broken, please use the report button at the post you want to report.




We've got the following employees walking around the Auction House that supervise the Auctions and make sure everything goes smooth. They'll be stepping in if an auction is not going how it's supposed to go. Below you'll find our current employees.




Anyone impersonating an employee of the Auction House is to be permanently removed from the Auction House. (This is a permanent Auction Ban.)



How to host an auction

We have noticed that it can take time before an auction is to be hosted, therefore we have created the following forms that are easy to fill out and speed up the process. After the form has been completed, your auction shall be placed active until the ending time. The forms we have available are below.


Vehicles: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/39-online-auction-vehicle-ic-v/


Houses or businesses: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/38-online-auction-property-ic-v/


General goods: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/83-online-auction-other-ic-v/


Please make sure to follow this form correctly. If the form is not filled out properly, your auction shall be removed and canceled.




We would like to thank you for taking your time to read this. Changelogs are announced when new policies and changes are added to the Auction House rules. We hope you experience a great time within our Auction House and that you can get some nice goods!




(( OOC Notes ))


We do not allow trolling in our Auctions. If someone is found to be trolling, a punishment shall be given based on how severe it was. Please try to keep it as normal as possible, so everyone can continue their way without having problems.


Auction ended/sold

When your auction has ended or the vehicle/property has been sold, please put [ENDED] or [SOLD] in the title. This is to make sure we can mark it off and clean up the forums. This keeps the auction house clean from old auctions and allows new auctions to be added.


Version 1.0.3 - Updated at 18th June 2020.

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