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Rent a Blimp for successful advertising

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Advertising with a Blimp





As of today the County Air Administration will offer rental services for advertising purposes of the Blimp, with a provided pilot.


This service consists of a C.A.A. authorized pilot to take the Blimp hovering above a certain area, decided by the customer, and blasting commercials through the high power equipped speakers. The decided upon commercial would be aired every 15, 20, 30 or 60 seconds, depending on the length of the message and the preference of the customer.


Through this channel we offer both advertising during a certain hour, picked by our customer, or assistance with an event. The former choice involves a C.A.A. authorized pilot to hover above a designed area of an event for the whole duration of the event, airing both commercials and announcements as per desire of the costumer. 



In terms of pricing, it is based on duration and location. For any type of advertisement decided upon, either regular or event assistance, the price calculation without advertising time starts from a base price based on location as follows:

  • Zone A -> $1,000 
  • Zone B -> $2,500
  • Zone C -> $3,500
  • Zone D -> $5,000




Picture of zone locations




Additional fees may be applied for events, if special requests are made. For example, a fee of $5,000 can be applied if the customers desires to have people entertained by a flight above the event area with the Blimp. Any special request which does not have a price mentioned yet can be discussed and the requested fee will be add-ed to our standard prices list which can be found below.


     Special requests prices:

  • Attendees entertainment with a flight - $5,000


We are offering a 10% discount from the total price for any rental that ends before 19:00. This discount is offered based on the helium's dependency on temperature, which worsens at lower temperatures and involves higher costs for the C.A.A., hence the discount during the day.


Custom Packages

A custom package can be requested with a custom duration using the prices below.

15 minutes = $1,500

30 minutes = $2,750

45 minutes = $4,200

1 hour = $5,250

1 hour 30 minutes = $7,750

2 hours = $10,000


How to rent?

In order to rent the Blimp for the upper mentioned purposes, fill the form below using the title format described below. Then submit your request here: Blimp Advertisement Application


Title format: [Blimp] [Full Name] - [Date]




Blimp Rental


      Full Name: Enter Full Name

       Date of application: Enter Date of application

       Date for rental : Enter Date for advertisement

       Rental purpose : [ ] Advertising     [ ] Event

       Location Picture of location (( Provide a screenshot from a marker placed on the map ))

       Starting time: Enter Time 

       Estimated total duration: Enter package duration time

       Additional requests: Enter additional requests





County Air Administration,



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