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Los Santos Golf Club

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In the fall of 1897, a group of Los Santos Business Men organized a voluntary association to further the cause of one of San Andreas newest sports. The Los Santos Golf Club, as they called themselves, leased a sixteen-acre vacant lot at the corner of Pico and Alvarado Streets and laid out a nine-hole course. Called “The Windmill Links”, the course was named for a makeshift Clubhouse - the bottom of an abandoned windmill. Through the middle of 1898, this site served as the Club’s home until the course became too crowded. The Club located its next site at what was called Pico Heights at Hobart and 16th Streets. The new home was named The “Convent Links” for its location behind a Convent near Rosedale Cemetery. Again, nine holes were laid out for play, but by the spring of 1899, this course and Clubhouse had also become overcrowded.


The Search Committee for a new site, consisting of Club founders Joe Sartori and Ed Tufts, found the Club’s new home just 2/10 of a mile west of the Convent site. The Club’s new home was to be at the Northeast corner of Pico and Western. The Clubhouse was transported intact to the new site and was expanded there. More importantly, the club finally laid out its first 18-hole golf course. The Convent Links were home to the Club until 1910, when the Club was again ready to move to a more remote location.




After years of planning, the new Club at Rockford Hills officially opened on May 30, 1911. Its stately Clubhouse, tennis courts and 36 holes of golf have served as the club’s home ever since. The original golf course was laid out by Sartori, Tufts, Norman Macbeth and Charles Orr. Later, the courses were redesigned by Herbert Fowler and George C. Thomas, Jr. In 1996 and 1997 an extensive renovation of the North and South courses was completed in accordance with a master plan developed by John Harbottle. In its 100 plus years, the course played host to the Los Santos Open Tournament in 1926, 1934, 1935, 1936 and 1940.

In 1998, the Club celebrated its Centennial year with many different tournaments and festivities. The Club recognizes the dedication of the men and women who have contributed to the Los Santos Golf Club’s proud history; our members, staff, professional and amateur competitors and fellow golfers from around the world. The Los Santos Golf Club has had a wonderful past and is looking ahead and anticipating the next 100 years.


After falling into financial hardship in 2020, the club was sold to local businessman Gary Morris, who put the club under his business, Morris Ltd. He's managed to provide the club with the finances needed to keep it running, aswell as a new fleet of golf carts, and a new executive vehicle.






Membership Fees


We currently have 5 VIP places available. These members recieve a wider range of benefits, including early & late access to the course, access to a executive transport option to and from the club.


Prices are as set out below.


Standard Membership - $4,000 per calendar month.

VIP Membership - $8,000 per calendar month.


Both memberships include unlimited access to the club, including free drinks from the bar 24/7, free access to the golf pack, including free to use clubs and golf balls.

VIP Guests recieve a courtesy meal on a Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evening from the restaurant.


To apply to join the club, please email the clubs Chairman, Gary Morris at [email protected] ((Forum PM @LewisGazzard))








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