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[Application] Aircraft maintenance application procedure

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Application Procedure for Aircraft Maintenance


      Starting today, County Air Administrations offers its services of aircraft maintenance for external customers.


      What does it mean? A person, or a company representative can submit a request towards C.A.A. department of aircraft engineering to have its aircraft check upon demand or schedule it for maintenance. There are two options available: 

  • One time check
  • Recursive maintenance: Weekly, Monthly, or any other preferred plan.


     Below, are the base prices for checks, which can have a discount applied based on the maintenance scheduling plan of choice.

  • Helicopters categories and prices:
  1.     Regular -> $300
  2.     Advanced -> $1500
  3.     Heavy -> $650
  • Airplanes categories and prices:
  1.     Regular -> $350
  2.     Advanced -> $2500
  3.     Heavy -> $700


     A request is to be filled at the following location using the format listed below with the name " Maintenance Request - [Tail Number] ". Your request will be processed by a representative of the aircraft engineering team and will receive an answer containing the status update of the application and a price. C.A.A. reserves the right to deny a request if the aircraft is considered to not meet all the requirements in order to be able to perform maintenance on it safely.




Maintenance Request





     Owner's Full Name: [Company's name / Personal vehicle's owner]

     Representative's Name: [Applicable only if the owner is a company]

     Phone number:



     Tail Number:

     Vehicle Identification Number ((VIN)):

      Aircraft Model:

      Type of aircraft: [Regular / Advanced / Heavy]

      Date of purchase:

      Image of the aircraft:

      Relevant information regarding the aircraft: [Fill a description of the state of the aircraft so we can asses its state]


      Type of service requested: [One Time Maintenance / Weekly Maintenance / Monthly / Propose another plan if needed]


      Me, [your name], fully understand that my application can be rejected if my aircraft is in a degraded state which may come in conflict with the aircraft engineer's safety of environment. I agree to allow the C.A.A. to perform a maintenance on the mentioned aircraft, identified by the mentioned tail number, and allow the C.A.A. representatives to contact me if anything that requires an additional fee will be needed.


       I confirm that the information provided are correct and I am the rightful representative of the owner of this aircraft, or its owner.




     Once accepted, a thread will be created for the specified aircraft by the C.A.A. representatives. In this thread, you will find the information provided, as well as the maintenance notes from our crew. If our engineers identify the need of purchasing something in order to replace a part, you will be contacted and you will be informed of the risk of denying the purchase. No purchase will be forced upon our customers, but we reserve the right to deny further maintenance if the safely use of the aircraft can not be guaranteed.


     If a recursive maintenance plan is requested, in between two appointments, you will have to report any misbehavior or noticed oddity of the aircraft. Any request for a check can be mentioned as well. To do so, the following form will be used:



Customer's Input




      Pilot's name:


      Additional Requests:


      A discount may be applied, based on the amount of checks requested per month, for a recursive plan. The discounts available at the moment are as listed below.

  • Two checks / month -> 2.5%
  • Four checks / month -> 6%
  • Eight checks / month -> 10%


      Additional discounts not mentioned above exists. They are adapted based on the ones mentioned above and quantified by a factor dependent on customer's loyalty, starting from the second month onward. This discount will be mentioned as an additional file for the contract, and mentioned 5 days prior the recursive payment. 


      The payment will be sent before the maintenance for a one time check, or as informed, based on the chosen plan.


County Air Administration,


Alexander Shads


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