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[STATE] The People v. Roger White 6/11

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Criminal Arraignment

Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos


The People




Roger White



Subpart 1. Title.


In the matter of the Petition of The People, on the 12th of June, 2020, against Roger White.


Subpart 2. Body.


The People charge the subject(s) with:

§ 402 - Second Degree Murder (Attempted)

 No person shall act in, or attempt, the unlawful killing of a human being, perpetrated by any act imminently dangerous to another and evincing a depraved mind regardless of human life, although without any premeditated design to effect the death of any particular individual.


§ 414 - Assault With a Deadly Weapon

 No person shall assault another while brandishing a deadly weapon or device which may be used to cause great bodily harm.


§ 422 - Reckless Endangerment

 No person shall recklessly engage in conduct which creates a substantial risk of serious physical injury or death to another person, or group of people, especially; within the capacity of an Emergency Service Employee.


Are multiple misdemeanors stacked for a felonious conviction?



Subpart 3. Request.


The People demand of the subject Roger White to the following:


14 years (( 14 days )) and a fine of forty thousand dollars.


Subpart 4. Evidence.


Exhibit 1 - Arrest Documentation for Roger White from 6/7/2020


Reporting Officer-

Alexander Carplen


Arresting Officer-

Alexander Carplen


Group Number- SGT


Date of Incident-

Jun 7, 2020


Time of Incident-



Location of Incident-

Amaerican Way


External Agencies Involved-



External Agency Employees Involved-



Primary Officer(s) On Scene-

Alexander Carplen


Secondary Officer(s) On Scene-

Cameron WIlliams


Supervising Officer(s) On Scene-

Cameron WIlliams


Suspect's Name-

Roger White


Suspect's Date of Birth-



Suspect's Residence-



Suspect's Height & Weight-

5' 9" - 149 lbs


Suspect's Distinctive Features-




(( Suspect's Forum Name- LewisGazzard ))




§ 538 - Criminal Trespass

§ 405 - Misdemeanor Hit and Run


Date of Incarceration-

Jun 7, 2020


Time of Incarceration-



Duration of Incarceration-

0 days, 12 hours


Fine / Citation-



Item(s) In Possession-



Documents Related To Arrest-



Physical Evidence Related To Arrest-

*Cameras from Vinewood Country Club*


Impound / Seizure Report Related To Arrest-



Officer's Affidavit of Narrative-

On Sunday, June 7th 2020, Sergeant Alexander Carplen responded to a 911 call at the Vinewood County Club. Upon arrival, Sergeant Carplen received a complaint about a older white male (later identified as Roger White)that continuously enters onto the private property and attempts to run over the security staff. The was also a report that White attempted to run over the security staff and hit one of the parked vehicles on property before leaving.


Shortly after reviewing the camera footage, Sergeant Carplen drove off property and found White standing on the sidewalk, yelling at the staff members that were on property. Upon approach, White had an dog and was compliant. At this point, Lieutenant Cameron Williams arrived. Lieutenant Williams found White's vehicle and was handling it. White explained that the property looked to be open and just entered it. White was asked multiple times to leave which White failed to do. Sergeant Carplen then detained and processed white.


Do you, as an active law enforcement officer of the City of Los Santos, serving under the employment of the Los Santos Police Department declare that, to the best of your knowledge and belief, that the information herein is true, correct, and complete?-





Exhibit 2 - Testimony of Rae Williams


"Whilst off duty and using the facilities of Vinewood Country Club as a VIP member, the group I was in were approached by an elderly gentleman who was yelling about music he could hear from a boombox that was placed inside the cave section of the swimming pool which was at a moderate volume level. The gentleman later identified by The Los Santos Police Department as Roger White, seemed quite agitated and had waded into the pool fully clothed requesting for the music to be turned down as he was going to sleep, and then proceeded to continue with insults including calling as Assholes with the threat that he would not warn us again.

Mr White was asked to leave by the group who consisted of two Security members (Rae Williams and Jake Finnigan) as well as the Director of the club who knew that the gentleman wasn't a member of the club and was therefore trespassing as after insulting the group he stated he wanted to become a member. After continously being asked to leave, Mr White became even angrier and walked away from the group to head out, kicking a golf cart on his way towards his vehicle. Enroute to his vehicle he decided to run into the main building itself, and had to be escorted by us once more to his car whilst The Los Santos Police Department were called. Mr White then proceeded to drive his vehicle towards myself and Mr Finnigan, narrowly missing us and hitting a black Yosemite instead before driving off the grounds.

Due to this myself and Mr Finnigan decided to continue to patrol the grounds to ensure the safety of the members who were still using the facilities whilst waiting for the Police Department to arrive. Mr Morris then came back to the property walking around once more, he was then told to leave again and to go back to his car. Upon leaving the second time his vehicle mounted the sidewalk, narrowly missing several people next to the gate.

He kept circling around the property driving erraticaly before disappearing. He was then stopped by the Los Santos Police Department out of his vehicle whilst walking his dog."


Exhibit 3 - Testimony of Jake Finnigan


"I was sitting in the jacuzzi when a random man I've never seen before came through the pool to us and started shouting about turning the music down. Rae Williams, Alexis DeLuca, Lucas Finnigan and I moved to get the man, who turned out to be Roger White, to leave the Vinewood Country Club property. We escorted the man to his car and when he got into it, he reversed aggressively and moved forward nearly hitting Rae Williams, and clipping into the black Yosemite parked next to Jake Finnigan, before then nearly hitting Jake Finnigan. After this Roger White left the property, before coming back not 5 minutes later, walking around. He was told to leave and go back to his car which he did. As he was leaving the second time, he tried hitting several people on the sidewalk next to the gate on Americano Way. He kept circling around the property until the LSPD arrived. At which point he was halted walking his dog on Americano Way. "


Exhibit 4 - Testimony of Alexis DeLuca


I, Alexis DeLuca was hanging around the Jacuzzi, along with Security Detail Jake Finnigan and Rae Williams, we had VIP member Lucas Finnigan and his girlfriend Andrea Oliver.  When an elderly male approached the Lazy Cave area, starting to randomly shouting at us for zero reasoning. He was asked to leave the properties yet refused to do so, when we went out of the Jacuzzi to escort him he got rather angry acting threatening as he started to become violent kicking the golf cart, We continued to escort him off the property whilst asking him to please leave or we would call the police since he was trespassing on private property.

When we got the the front of the club I went onto the staircase as he was acting violently, he got into his car and started repeatedly run over anyone he would be able to, in total tried ramming four people on the property as shown in the CCTV footage... Luckily everyone got out of the situation without injuries..


Exhibit 5 - CCTV Footage from Vinewood Country Club


A darken Albany Buccaneer would be seen rolling up to the club, plates would appear to be: 3E8DB3F4

An elderly male with a pinkish shirt and blue pants, would be seen getting out of it. He would be seen walking around the club, and up to the pool also known as the Lazy Cave, where to he would wave his hands, obviously upset over something, screaming.

The people in the pool would get out and attempt on getting the elderly male to leave the property, where to he would start acting aggressively kicking a golf cart, before moving himself towards the stairs with the security, director and two guests following. 

Back at his car, the director would get into a staircase, whilst the looking towards the guy, as he would get into his car attempting to run over two security details, and two guests, in his attempt on running over Security detail Rae Williams he would be seen crashing into a black Declasse Yosemite 3 truck, denting the bumper and headlight onto the left side.

When the vehicle with the elderly male finally left the property, the vehicle would be seen driving around the properties gates attempting to get back in, shortly after he succeeded getting in, driving around the big lawn the the helicopters attempting to run over VIP member Lucas Finnigan.  

Shortly after he left the property again, PD was called..

Shortly after PD was called, Casey Hughes was seen arriving in his helicopter, PD arrived minutes after that.


Exhibit 6 - Department of Motorized Vehicle Records





Subpart 5. Narrative.


The case against Roger White was taken by the District Attorney's Office following the arrest of Roger White by officers of the Los Santos Police Department on June 7th, 2020. The District Attorney's Office believes Roger White to be criminally liable for his actions, amounting to attempted 2nd Degree Murder, Assault with a Deadly Weapon & Reckless Endangerment. The District Attorney's Office therefore petitions the Superior Court of San Andreas to arraign Roger White on the aforementioned charges. 



Subpart 6. Recommendation.


Parole Recommendation After Release



Grant Early Release



Release on Bail


Twenty Thousand Dollars


Subpart 7. Declaration.


I, Patrick Masterson, District Attorney for San Andreas affirm that the foregoing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief.



(( @ThatGuy @LewisGazzard @Salsa @QueenC @Vubstersmurf @ItsMelodyy @Courtez))

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*Roger White enters the court room suited in a pink shirt, accompanied by navy trousers.* 


"Defendant is present your honor, I how ever do wish to call upon the state to provide me with a suitable public defense lawyer to represent and assist me in this case."

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Notice of Action

Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos


Notice is hereby given that the People, in the above-named case, has filed a criminal complaint pleading against you. The complaint was filed with the Criminal Court of San Andreas on JUNE 11, 2020.


You are officially being charged with the following:

  • § 402 - Second Degree Murder (Attempted)

  • § 414 - Assault With a Deadly Weapon

  • § 422 - Reckless Endangerment

Within 72 hours, you must provide an answer, or response, to the claim(s) enclosed with this notice (attached to this notice). You must file your answer, in addition to any motions (if any), within that same time frame. If you fail to do so within the time frame, a default judgment will be entered against you. There will be one more attempt to contact you before the default judgment is entered.


Your response must contain your pleading in the matter, which could be one of the following:



You plead guilty to some or all the crimes listed.


Not Guilty

You plead not guilty to some or all of the crimes listed, a will ensue.


No Contest

You do not formally plead guilty but you acknowledge the prosecution will likely prevail and choose not to contest the prosecution.


In addition, you may strike a plea deal with the prosecution, in which you can, for example, plead guilty for a lesser punishment.


(( @LewisGazzard ))


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