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OwlGaming V Public Roadmap

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OwlGaming V Public Roadmap


The development team aims to be as transparent as possible with the community in terms of what we are working on and what is planned. As such, I'm happy to share the Public Roadmap with you


What's on the Roadmap?
Large features in development and features that are nearing completion.

You'll also find accepted community suggestions on the roadmap.


What's not on the Roadmap?

Bugs (these are on the bugtracker)

Features & community suggestions still under discussion / not 100% committed to delivering yet


What do each of the categories mean?

Community Feedback (Not Started)
These items were curated from the community feedback thread on the forum and development will begin shortly.


To Do / Not Started
Features planned by the development team which are not community suggestions, and have not been started yet.


Future Release List
Cards in the Future Releases list are V features that are at some stage in development but don't yet have a definitive targeted version. While these currently have no timeframe for delivery, they're here to give you a look at what to expect in the future.


Development Done
These features are 100% complete, but are awaiting deployment to the live server.


These features are on the live server right now!



  • This is a living document, so you should expect it to update regularly.
  • Items are subject to change
  • We aim to be conservative in what we are putting on our roadmap, but there is no guarantee of making a certain release. We sometimes even might stop working on a feature and remove it from the roadmap.



> Visit the Roadmap

> Visit the Bugtracker



- OwlGaming Development Team (Yannick, Chaos, Jer, Daniels, Eloquent)

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