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Sabre LTD Design - Information Thread

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Sabre Design is a Graphic Design company, we offer our service to All kinds of legal operations and businesses, along with any Citizens who are interested in making a business or hosting some sort of event.



In the list below you will find what we offer along with the prices. 20% off the first Design job for all organizations.

  • Photo Editing = $100 - $200
  • Event posters = $130 - $250
  • Logos = $170 - $300
  • Recruitment posters = $250 - $450

NOTE: Please be aware that due to not wanting to overload our employees with work we are only allowing customers to order two different designs or two of the same category. IF you happen to have a bigger order please contact us VIA email for us to discuss this further.
Please be aware that the working fee is 200 dollars per working hour.



If you are interested in ordering one or more of our products please follow the order form linked below, if the order form does not support your order please submit your order VIA the E-mail linked below.  

You can find our Order form HERE

If you are interested or got any questions you are more than welcome to submit an email to the email address below.  

SabreLTDdesigns@sa.net ((Forum PM QueenC))


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