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Mathers Familia

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Mathers Familia


The Mathers Familia was formed by Jayden Mathers in 1973 in the heart of Manhattan, New York. Where he lead the family for many years up until he was executed by his own grandson Brendan Mathers. The reason why Jayden was executed was the fact that he raped a woman as a form of payment. Brendan Mathers did not agree with this and thought that rape was highly against the rules of the family and that you should not only never rape a woman, but you should never rape a man either. And so when Brendan was eighteen years old he brought it up to the other Made Men of the Mathers Familia about what his Father Jayden had did. Where most of them agreed that Jayden should be executed or punished for his sick acts and so Brendan Mathers killed his own Grand Father leading to him becoming the Boss of the Family.


Brendan Mathers is responsible for managing and overseeing the entire family and what tasks will be executed. The Mathers Familia works with a lot of legal businesses around Los Santos and Blaine County; giving them loans which has a legal contract they sign; however, when those loans get spoiled with the Mathers Family then they get to see a side they wish they never met. Mr. Mathers is a born hustler and has his family deals with many business strategies that are illegal but not limited too the following: guns, high profile narcotics, and of course putting people on the "books". Mr. Mathers personally loves distributing "white girls" aka cocaine and fire arms. Since, a lot of people in Los Santos seem to love going out to local clubs; Mr. Mathers chases where the money is at and provides a good time for the young party animals leading to profit.


The Mathers Familia favorite form of getting an individual involved is from getting people in debt with them to have issues when they don't pay on time. Some of these examples are they may loan out money to someone and charge an interest on top of the money or give them a drug/weapon loan that they don't want/cant payback. Now, when someone refuses to pay back this debt it puts them into huge trouble with the Mathers Familia and puts their life on the line. However, not all people are terrible and try screwing over the Mathers Familia out of goods or money because they don't want to lose their life. Plus at the end of the day those who are loyal the family end up having a chance to become associated with the Mathers Familia. When people gain the chance to be associated with the Mathers Familia they can hire them for car jacking, contract kills, etc. 


But, it doesn't stop there the Mathers Familia runs many other illegal operations like underground gambling, racing, wrestling matches, and much more under ground activities. Originally, the operations started in Manhattan, New York but quickly spread over towards California where Brendan ended up taking over the Mathers Familia and deciding to knock out any bad operation that Jayden was running and only continue profitable and proper operations. Mr. Mathers is not like Jayden where he would let people pay him and then after being paid he'd go and rape people. See, for Brendan Mathers raping anyone was highly against the Familia Oath and anyone who goes against that Oath will be taken out of the Familia through blood.


The Mathers Familia is a family of wise-men. Roaming the streets for new business opportunities and growth for the family. Although, they may not put up with anything and being put on the Mathers Familias bad side would be a terrible idea they do get along with the General Population. They gather around parties, clubs, car events, casinos and of course they are always looking for more employees to help with there Loan or Diner. The Mathers Familia is based on Loyalty, Respect, Love, Wealth, Health, and Honor. With that being said you join by blood and leave by blood. In other words you take an oath at where you draw blood to the family; if you leave or are taken out of the family you will be killed. 


Mathers Familia Structure


  • BOSS
    • Overlooks all operations of the family and is in charge of everything. Makes sure all day to day operations get completed and at the end of the day has the end decision for the family on what they will do.
  • Under-Boss
    • Helps overlook all the operations of the family and is second in command underneath the Boss. The Under-Boss helps makes sure that all tasks get completed and that the Consigliere reports proper data to both himself and the Boss.
    • The Bosses direct right hand man, Helps with anything asked for from the Boss and / or Under-Boss.
    • Official Made Man and directly gives orders to Associates and Soldiers that were given to him from the Boss, Under-Boss and/or the Consigliere. Helps oversea the Soldiers and looks for who is going to be a Made Man and become a Soldier.
    • Official Made man of the Familia and does what is told. The Lowest Ranking Official Made Member of the Familia. Makes sure all tasks that are handed to them get completed.
    • Known by the Familia and do basic tasks to gain trust from the Mathers Familia. However, is just an Associate.
    • Someone who just hangs around the family. Doesn't do work for them, may or may not be on the way to becoming an Associate.

((Dealing with the Mathers Familia and going against them can result in a Character Kill. Please Note that the family runs like the Mob/Mafia meaning you join through a blood oath which is blood in, blood out. Associating with the Family allows a Character granted that also depends on the issue arising; however, by associating you do agree to be character killed. Also Please note more information may be added in time to come about the family)

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Hey, good luck with this. If you need any help, in an OOC manner, let me know, however, Los Santos is only big enough for one mafia ;) lol. and if this don't work out for you, Ombra is always recruiting!

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