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I agree with the above. Right now player-dealers have less options than the NPC dealers because there isn't a real 'used-car' economy yet.

Which leads to players needing to buy from the NPC dealers for specific cars as opposed to going to the PC dealer.


Example, I had placed a order for 2 SUV's and a Muscle Car for the Faction with a PC dealer. He investigated the possibilities and sadly had no way of providing said order.

Which is sad because I much prefer interacting with a Player than I do with the NPC.


(Also I think this thread is in the wrong forum. Can it be moved @Vubstersmurf?)

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Ah yes, I've read the original suggestion that OP provided days ago and my support still goes to his idea. If anything, it's always to our best interests to give an ability for players to open up a business they imagine (as long as it's realistic of course),but if anything I am worried about taxes (if anything, NPC sells their cars with already automated taxing system and we should take that into consideration)  

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Well i do know if you could import numberless vehicles at a cheaper price you would make to much money.

But they could make it for an example 2 vehicles a week i think it would be reasonable and fair.


 You could do passivly rp that you get the contact through laptop/computer and contacting a business like example Wolkswagen ordering a vehicle or vehicles

and you could go to Gta v Docks for pickup as it would arrive in Shipping container, @Cod3oz



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Well you could for example do 


Sedans 30% cheaper      Coupes 30% cheaper

Off road 30% cheaper    Sports 20% cheaper

Muscle car 30% cheaper     Sports classic 20% cheaper

motorcycle 30% cheaper     Super cars 20% cheaper

compact 40% cheaper


whatever admins would agree to

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