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Dev here, how's it going?

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Hey there,


So I recently bought GTA V and am planning to join you all here. I've been a long member of this community in the past, primarily on MTA. I created my own roleplay server called Arsenic Roleplay there but it eventually crashed and I left MTA for good. But now with the corona outbreak, seems like I have some time on my hands to get back into roleplaying. Been looking around but can't seem to find any of my old buddies here. Anyways, I look forward to seeing you all IG!

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51 minutes ago, HDev said:

That's quite a welcome. Thanks everyone! And yeah who knows I might be able to help with the development some day, got a degree in computer engineering finally. ?

you any good at C#?

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4 minutes ago, Jer said:

you any good at C#?

Frankly, no. However I have been programming since a very early age and have a long experience with developing all sorts applications from desktop to mobile based. Haven't used C# in any projects up until yet though.

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