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Token Vehicles

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I would like the Token Vehicle rule to be revised a bit. I still don't think we should be able to sell our own token cars for money because they were received for free, however, I think that since they do exist ICly and RPly, that if they are stolen, they should be allowed to be chopped and scrapped. If a vehicle is stolen, chopped, and scrapped, the person/faction doing the chopping and scrapping should only get half of what they would otherwise have gotten. This revision should ONLY be for stolen cars, to prevent the owners of the car from chopping and scrapping it, and the owner shouldn't be able to steal it on an alt.

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@JohnM, thanks for your feedback, however, I think that if someones friend buys a token car on a throwaway character, it would be in the logs, and just as easily caught. But, let me add a revision to my revision, that could eliminate this issue. If a character don't have a certain amount of hours, say 10, then the token car cant be scrapped and chopped. Also, I think it should be looked in to on a case by case basis with admin approval, prior. the admins should check logs and everything, to make sure that theres no alt-alting, and to make sure that its not a throwaway character whos car is getting stolen. Both of those alone, would nullify any possibility of Metagaming.


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Yea, I had all but forgotten posting this. Damn, that's been ages ago... Thing is, now that people get their tokens back when they lose the cars, it makes what I said less relevant. Like, before that, they just got deleted if players left them and let them go inactive, and the players never got the token refunded, where as, IIRC, I was wanting that rule to be changed so that people who were on the verge of losing their cars, would have something to come back to if they came back at all. That said, now that they get those tokens refunded, it's moot. You can L&A this one. @Wright

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