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Faction Team - Faction Guide

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One of the key aspects of the server are factions, these can range from Government departments such as the Fire Department & Police department to gangs and businesses. The majority of these are player-owned factions designed around what the player wants to roleplay, whether it’s a Mexican drug trafficking gang or a nightclub business.


In the following guide, you will learn how to start up a faction on your own as well as how to join Government factions.

Joining Government Factions:
If you're interested in joining a government faction you may do that by applying on their delegated forums. The below links redirect to each government faction recruitment area.


Starting a faction:

Starting a faction is actually rather easy to do, once you’ve worked out a concept on what you want your faction to do, you create a faction thread under the correct sub-forum. Note that you will need to be actively role-playing with your faction for two weeks before you as an illegal faction are able to apply for guns in the faction starter package.

For legal factions such as businesses post your thread here and for illegal factions such as Gangs post your thread here. A faction thread is basically the background of your faction and some information on what it does, this gives the community a better insight and also spikes interest to get others to potentially join your faction.

How the faction thread should be set up and what should be in it is up to you, if you need inspiration I suggest you browse through the faction threads already created by other members of the community.- You will then receive a support message from FT once the thread is posted.


Faction Team:

The faction team is a Staff team consisting of administrators who are put in place to offer the faction's advice and assistance to accomplish their goals and vision for the faction.

We understand how difficult it can be starting with nothing which is why faction starter packs have now been put in place to help Factions build their foundations.


Faction Team Update:
Once you have submitted your new faction thread, your next step towards completing your faction would be to submit a Faction Team Update, just open the form and fill it out. This will allow the Faction Team to gain an insight into what your faction is about and how we can support you.
Keep in mind these updates should be submitted at least once a month, so the Faction Team knows the faction is active, what the future plans and goals are etc.

Faction Team Starter Package:
Getting a starter pack is very simple, all that we ask is for you to submit a Faction Team Update to tell us about your faction and your plans (alongside letting us know who’s in your faction) and also have a Faction Thread mentioned above. Once you’ve done this submit a contact form found here and let us know what things you would need to help get your faction started. This can range from a building and a couple of vehicles or potentially firearms and drugs depending on what your faction requires. 


NOTE: Faction starter packs are unique to each faction and are designed to meet the faction needs, a Faction Starter Pack is up to the Faction Team Discretion on what to offer you. Only firearms such as pistols can be given in a faction pack ((Firearms will only be given to new factions after they prove activity)), higher-end firearms are only offered to factions that have a high status such as Established or Official.


NOTE: This step is not required in order to have a faction, it is mainly a supporting hand from the Faction Team in order to give factions an easier start-up on the server.

F3 Creation:
Every faction is able to create their own F3, in order to do so you will need to make your way down to City Hall also known as County Hall.

When you open the Map County Hall will be marked with a G on the map as shown in the spoiler below.

Once you are at County Hall you will need to enter the property, inside you will see four NPCs.
The three NPCs on your right behind the glass windows are for vehicle tests however the NPC on your right is for creating F3s.
Approach the NPC and press E in order to interact with it.
Firstly you would need to enter the name of your faction and find a four-character abbreviation of your faction name. 


For Example Faction Name: Los Santos Police Department
Four-Character: LSPD

The four-characters will be used to identify the faction in the F3 menu, so when you press F3 and the menu unfolds you can easily detect which faction you need to open up if you are in more than one faction as shown in the screenshot.

Under the general information, you can find your faction ID, as shown in the screenshot below.

                       If you press F3 you can also create your F3 menu there instead of going to City Hall. 

Now let us go over the rest of the options in the F3.

Invite Player: Invites a player to the F3
Edit Message: Allows you to edit the welcome message (In the screenshot it would be the area where it says “Welcome to -faction name-”)
Edit Rank and Salaries: Allows you to edit the ranks and paychecks.
Respawn Vehicles: Respawns all faction vehicles to last /park location.
Disband Faction: Deletes the faction.
Leave Faction: Allows a player to leave a faction.

How to assign Ranks and Manager powers or remove a player from F3:

In order to assign a rank to a player, remove them or toggle on/off their manager status you left-click their name in the F3, then the name will appeal in the Player Actions tab.
You can then find the rank and toggle on/off manager powers or kick them from the F3.

F3 Rules:
The Faction Team got a rule regarding assets in illegal faction F3s. - This is not allowed, meaning you may not have vehicles, money nor properties under your illegal F3.

You are welcome to create a discord server for your faction in order to keep track of your members, but ensure you keep the out of character information separated from the In character information - Faction Team may reach out to get added to these discords.


Below you will find a list of drugs we currently have implemented

Crystal Meth

Illegal factions are not allowed to go purchase Kevlar from the ammunition stores, they are required to submit a Faction Team Contact in order to request Kevlar vests. This is in order to promote realism considering certain groups wouldn’t be going around wearing armour.

Virtual Market:
You can read all about how to access and use our virtual market as a legal and illegal faction in our VM guide:


CK Clause:
All CK Faction Clauses need to be approved by the Faction Team in order for us to ensure they abide by the CK rules and don’t have silly rules that allow a faction member to be CK’d for any random reason. This also protects the faction if they do carry out a CK to ensure that it’s been done properly. You can submit your CK Clause for approval.

In order to submit your CK Clause to FT for them to review it please use the Contact Form
Name it “Faction name - CK Clause” - Once it has been voted on you will receive the final 

NOTE: All CK clauses must be based on IC actions and not OOC actions.

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