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Server Script Update (v1.3b) | April, 2020

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Server Script Update (v1.3b) | April, 2020



This update contains the addition of a username renaming feature, /air for pilots and the CAA faction, and bug fixes


    Additions and Adjustments

    • [UCP] Username renaming added as a GC perk
    • [UCP] UCP logs are now limited to Lead+
    • [UCP] Added a discord link
    • [UCP] MTA removed from the footer, homepage, GC purchase page
    • Last login is now recorded account wide
    • Boombox permissions rework
      • Interior owners can pick up and set channel on boomboxes
      • On duty admins Trial+ can pick up and set channel on boomboxes.
      • If the interior is owned by a faction, faction managers can remove boomboxes.
    • /air if you're in a plane/helicopter or if you're in the CAA faction



    • [UCP] Fixed footer cutting off ticket submit button
    • 3530: Fixed a typo in ads
    • Fixed /oban and /opunish not working without exact usernames
    • 3537: Fixed /gooc only allowing one word
    • [UCP] Prevent usernames with spaces
      • If your username had a space, it has been converted to an underscore and you have received an email with the new username.







    - OwlGaming Community

    - OwlGaming Development Team

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