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[OwlV & UCP] How to use the Mantis Bug Tracker.

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    How to use the bug tracker.




Hey everyone,

I've decided to create a tutorial on how to use the bug tracker. This is especially useful for those of you who weren’t with OwlGaming on our MTASA server and therefore haven’t used the tracker before.

Obviously, the scripting team works around the clock to provide us with bug fixes and script updates, and with updates and features often bugs may pop up due to 

Having players on the server who know how to bug report helps the developers find bugs that they either were unable to reproduce whilst scripting or which randomly occurred due to other variables. By reporting on our bug tracker we are able to work together as a community to provide a bug-free experience.

With this guide, I’ve made a little clip on how you can report a bug, as well as including some basic steps.


  1. The Bug Tracker can be found at https://bugs.owlgaming.net/    
  2. Once you're on the bug tracker, if you do not have one, create an account by clicking on Sign up a new account.    
  3. Once you've gone through the registering process, or have logged in with your existing account, you will be sent to the main page. The main page should look like this:         



  1. To report a bug, click on the "Report Issue" button on the left side of your view.    
  2. From here, you can follow the clip I've linked below in a spoiler on how to proceed.    


Please make sure you put as much detail as possible in your bug report to give the Scripting Team the best overview on the issue. The more information you have, the better it is and easier it is for them to fix. Also, in order to save time and ensure no duplicates happen on the tracker, please take the time to ensure the bug hasn’t already been reported. If it has, go to that bug report and add any evidence you have gathered. That way you won't make a duplicate bug report and the bug tracker won't be flooded by duplicate reports.






If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to PM me on discord ItsMelodyy#0102. Or feel free to comment here with your question and I'll try to answer them as quick as I can.


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