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Include Gas Pumps earnings with gas station store purchases.

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What would be the name of the script(s)?-

Gas Station Pump Additions

What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?-
A property script addition that adds the sales from people who refuel at gas stations to your income from owning the store

What is the suggestion?-
My suggestion is a way to include the gas station pumps as an addition to the gas station stores that you can purchase around the map. IRL, I don't think I have ever seen a gas station that is independent from the pumps outside of the store. 

What are the advantages?-
- More roleplay for people who owned gas stations and the adjacent store. 

-  A bit more realistic as most gas stations in the USA own both the store inside and the gas station pumps.


What are the disadvantages?-

None that I can think of.

Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?-

How would you go about implementing this idea?-
I would add the ability for gas stations to be purchased. However, you would be required to own the linked convenience store first.  Then, I would inherit the existing payment system for items bought at the stores for gas bought from vehicles. 

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Agreed, aslong as you pay extra for the pumps i think it'd be good, you don't get crazy rich from it either.

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I also agree. I'd say a big percentage of the revenue made from the gas sold goes to the government. Then a smaller percentage goes to the owner of the fuelstation. The percentage of the fuel going to the government will include the costs of keeping the fuel capacity up for the tanks at the gas station.


Good suggestion anyways would like to see this.

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The government should only ever receive no more than what they receive from the paychecks.

15% federal tax.
10% state tax.

On any revenue, be it from gas, be it from clothes, furniture, imports, whatever business anyone starts, the profit margin should be higher and they should be taxed the same as the side jobs if they want it to be realistic.  I also think side jobs should pay less and VMs should pay more if the staff wants people to roleplay more instead of grind.  I'm not saying VMs should make people rich, they shouldn't.  Hard work should make you rich.  But side jobs overpay, passive income in legal businesses are unwarranted & VM's don't pay enough.

So with that said in regards to this, revenue generated should be left in the hands of the gas station owner, and they should pay taxes, if we're looking for realism.

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Agreed, would be nice for extra RP. It also makes it more worth to own a gas station just like on MTA.

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