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Gaviota Trading Corp

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Pet Food now in stock!

Now selling dog and cat food at La Mesa Convenience Store. Bag varieties of 17lb and  50lbs



 Purr Cat Food - 17 lbs - $11.79 per bag

 Purr Cat Food - 50 lbs - $32.00 per bag

 Woof Dog Food - 17 lbs - $11.79 per bag

 Woof Dog Food - 50 lbs - $32.00 per bag 


Visit today to purchase!

((RolePlay items))


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Press Release: 4/4/2020

Gaviota Trading Co 


Gaviota Trading Corporation stands committed to providing stable jobs to citizens across the Island along with delivering quality services through our Cantina and Gas Stations and other means. April will be a big month for our corporation as we finally launch La Linterna Cantina with our official opening days away and to be determined. The Grand Opening will feature giveaways of MP3 Players, Phones, and other products.  We also plan to achieve the following goals listed below as a company: 

  • Hiring new employees for the La Linterna Cantina.
  • Hiring new employees for the Corporate Office.
  • Interior Decoration of the La Mesa Gas Station Store.
  • Introduction of our seasonal lawn-care service primary in the Mirror Park area.



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