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Name: ItsMelodyy.

Age: 19.

Country of residence: nl.png&key=a6c3387a8b2cb595c8d7707cb1f75The Netherlands (Yes, another Dutchie :) )

Previous names: JustJasper010, JustJasperNL (only some know this one, it was short lived).

Other nicknames: Melo, Melodyy, Jasp, Flying Dutchman (Cough @Vubstersmurf)

Interests: I love breaking stuff, namely @Yannick's test server. Also like working with server software, gaming (obviously :P) and working on computers.

Favorite music: I kind of listen to all sorts of music, though my preference lies with Metal and Rock. Favorite band obviously being Metallica :)


Basically I'm a 19 year old Dutch guy that enjoys sending and receiving memes, talking to his friends on discord and play games while listening to some tunes on Spotify. I've been a member of OwlGAMERS since late 2014, with a short break mid 2015 until mid 2016. I've been admin twice before, resigning after a while due to IRL circumstances. I've been in numerous amounts of factions, including but not limited to LSPD, JGC and RPMF Incorporated. I currently roleplay with the LSFD, Sabre Ltd and some other factions and peeps. I've had some great times and can't wait to make some more on OwlV :D


If you want to know anything else drop a comment :))

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spawn me 52 cars from bots impound lots. please. I MISS THOSE OLD FUCKING DAYS. YOU WERE ONE OF THE BEST MTA ADMINS. I hope you're still one of the good ones on V too. xx

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