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Snow levels

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I've seen this in a SAMP community. There's snow levels. So now we have snow, I can't admit that it's good to have. Altho I want to spice some things up by adding new scenarios to your roleplay. For instance a snow storm could show up this could make it difficult to drive and so on. A few levels can determain the snow fall and it should globally be roleplayed as for now it's everyone alone. Like I can roleplay heavy snow fall while another is just roleplaying a light fall or even no snow fall. Plus it's not always snowing. I don't know if it's possible to leave the snow on the ground and turning the fall off but that would also be cool and can be roleplayed. Like if it's snowing I don't really like standing in a open area rather get some shelter at home or under something.

Should be fun to roleplay.

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13 minutes ago, Deez said:

I'm sorry but can someone translate?

What he's trying to suggest is to set up different "levels" of snow in the city which would lead to unique scenarios around the city for the time being.

Overall, he made a mistake suggesting this on rules thread and overall did not try to follow a template for that kind of stuff.

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Well its mostly roleplay so its not a script feature at all. Doesnt actually need a script as we already have snow. Just a rule on how to roleplay this.


And snow levels I mean as like you can have a snow storm and a few hours later it would calm down and there would be light snowfall this also creates a little more realism.

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