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Hey Again....

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Oh boy, it's that time of the year again where I am drawn to RP, wanting to stay on a platform for longer than just 2 months and have a good time that I had years ago.

That started 10 years ago, back in vG en rG. 


There I met many people Rping on MTA. About 5 years ago however, it became outdated for me. Too old too much. I switched around, got bored, tried to join other servers, nothing really worked out until I decided to just leave MTA Roleplay forever.


Now, the new era has come of GTA V. I say now, but we all know that the game has already been out for 6 years on PC. And with the new Era, I want to try and relive and perhaps reignite the flame I once had for RPing in a GTA Setting.


Some of you may know me as Jim Tiber, James Tiber, Leon Tiber. Some will know me as Randalf the gangbanger. And perhaps there might be 1 person that will remember a french character I once had.

Other people might know me as Snakie, Evan, Ewout. 


Now-adays I go by the name of Nildraeth, but I cannot wait to actually revive James Tiber. I'm a little rusty in RP right now, and I understand that now-adays there is a lot of RP with voice, so I'll be having my own steep learning curve.


I hope some of ya'll remember me, and if not, Hi everyone, I'm new here!



Nildraeth / Snakie / Jim/James Tiber

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Time to re-enact this but on Owl

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