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C.A.P - Citizen's Action Party

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To the right and forward!


We are the Citizen's Action Party. A party dedicated to the people, not a wider establishment that is common within American politics. Our founder, is Leonard Thornton, a charismatic 21 year old Irishman, who emigrated to America a time ago. Although young, we believe his leadership is essential to connecting with the next generation of voters, while also respecting the wishes of the older generations. In his own words - "I have come of the seed of the people, a people that sorrow... ...My heart has been heavy with the grief of mothers, my eyes have been wet with the tears of children, I have yearned with old wistful men, I have laughed and cursed with young men." We believe that it is not age that is important, but rather the life experiences of the individual that lead to their intellectual maturity.


The Six Principles 

  • The Citizen's Action Party believes that the State is the crucible and natural patrimony of the Nation. The State ought not, therefore, be the master of the Nation, but the Nation the master of the State. It follows that the State should act at all times and in every instance, in the interests of the Nation, embodied in one indivisible American people.
  • The Citizen's Action Party recognises the centripetal tendency of the bureaucratic State and its inevitable deleterious consequences in the quality and quantity of State level decision making. We therefore believe that a firm commitment to the principle and application of subsidiarity must be a central tenet of Government at every level.
  • The Citizen's Action Party believes in an aristocracy of achievement within a democracy of opportunity, practised and established economically by the strong advocacy of Free Productive Enterprise. Consequently we endorse the inalienable right to the ownership of Private Property, and shall defend that right against the equally dangerous encroachment of both State Socialism and Monopoly Capitalism.
  • The Citizen's Action Party opposes unrestricted immigration, placing above all the preservation of national identity and culture as the bedrock of a principled patriotism.
  • The Citizen's Action Party insists that no law should permit the provision of Abortion in San Andreas.
  • The Citizen's Action Party demands a complete reform of our criminal justice system, placing the protection of society from criminality as its imperative value, up to and including the Death Penalty for particularly heinous crimes.


We are a right wing party. Founded on that of tradition, one that favours the old ways of the past and insists that tradition is best and beneficial to society, as studies and observations continuously prove.


Principle One

We believe that the nation should dictate the state, not the other way around. The nation, meaning the peoples. That is why we focus largely on small and local governments, in order to be of greater aid to the people who are in our communities. The State, should not act in a way which divides the nation, but rather should attempt to unite it under a single, patriotic banner.


Principle Two

We believe that any legislation proposed, by court, bylaw, rule or regulation shall be subject to a vote by the local people, as the nation knows what is best for them and should be allowed to have a say in how their lives will be dictated and what will be enforced by law.


Principle Three

We believe in a capitalist society, and the idea of private property, no matter if it is inherited or if you work hard and earn it within your lifetime. While we agree with this, we will continue to fight socialism within government, as it has proven continuously to be negative for the people, while we will also oppose monopoly capitalism, as we believe in that while if you work hard you can achieve anything; it is our duty to ensure a competitive market in order to benefit the peoples.


Principle Four

We believe in a society that works for the American people. While we encourage immigration, we disagree with having it unrestricted. Only letting in those who are beneficial to society is what we should focus on, such as those with PhD's and that are skilled tradesmen and women.


Principle Five

We believe that life starts at conception, therefore we disagree with abortion. No law in San Andreas shall permit the service of abortion. Only in circumstantial situations may abortion be considered okay, e.g if the mothers life is at risk.


Principle Six

We believe the death penalty is necessary and that it should be awarded unconditionally in particularly heinous crimes. With this said we also believe in a reformation of the prison system, based on four demands. These demands are as follows:

  1.  Prisoners should be allowed one letter and one parcel per week - this includes more visitation rights
  2. The right to wear civilian clothing.
  3. Increased access to recreational and educational facilities.
  4. The right to not work.

We believe this system strikes a fair middle ground in focusing on both rehabilitation and punishment, in order to reach a low re-incarceration rate.



With all this said, we can not promise tax cuts like other parties and politicians will. What we can promise is that we will thoroughly look through the budget, and that we will make cuts necessary and attempt to encourage small local businesses, and that we will do our best to provide for the people, not to funnel money back into a major political party with chapters all over the country. We believe we can only try our best, to be fair to the people without getting their hopes up.



The Citizen's Action Party

To The Right and Forward!

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