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Los Santos Lottery

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Los Santos Lottery is a brand new lottery company that is going to operate in Downtown Los Santos.



+ Everybody is eligible for participation, all that is required is for you to purchase your ticket(s) and claim your prize if you happen to win.

+ Prize size is determined by the amount of tickets sold and money amassed.

+ Jackpots are going to happen every 2 weeks.

+ Tickets price are 350$/each.







Dear Mister Takejiro,
This is an email to inform your business license for Los Santos Lottery (Gambling) is now ACCEPTED! your business can now operate with this approved business license.
Please follow the rules & regulations of the Los Santos while operating your business(s)!

Department of Licensing & Permitting,

Financial Operations Officer









((OOC Section))

Make sure you read carefully the rules and information above and below.



+ Keep and provide proof of purchase. This is done by taking a screenshot and sending me every wired money transfer(s) regarding the lottery to my character Okita Takejiro, do this via the forums messaging system @AlAzeeth.

((Make sure the date and time is visible on the screenshot.))

+ I will keep tracks of purchases with an excel document.

+ Buying more tickets does increase your chance of winning, there's no limit of tickets per users.

+ If you are buying many tickets, make sure that you buy them at a different time. It'll be easier for me to keep track of the amount you purchased.

+ There is NO REFUNDS.

+ Winner will be determined randomly using a Random Number Generator Program. I will be filming and recording myself during the process of randomization.






Feel free to give me suggestions.

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1st Jackpot will be the 8th of December. Every other Jackpots will happen every 2 weeks.

- This post is reserved to post dates of Jackpots and Jackpots size aswell as last prize winner and video of the draw. -

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