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[BLOG] ((NEW Social Spot)) COOL BEANS - Wordsmith LLC ((VM))

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Trending Coffee Shop in Mirror Park - Cool Beans

For a vast majority of us, the day must start with coffee. Here's a place I recently discovered.

Mirror Park "Cool Beans" Coffee Shop. Mirror Park BLVD, Mirror Park, Los Santos.

If you're like me, then you can't go on with your day without your morning cup of coffee. I need that extra caffeine boost to be efficient in any way and for any daily task that I'll get involved in.

Cool Beans Coffee Shop is the all new trending social spot in Mirror Park and this is why you definitely have to stop by and enjoy the most exquisite beverages in town.

With myself moving to Los Santos, I've had to roam around to find myself the best coffee in town and enjoy those early morning hours, whether it is for blogging , having a chat with a friend or a colleague, or just to get some consistent and tasty breakfast, Coffee Beans is the place.






About the Coffee Shop


Located in Mirror Park, Coffee Beans' building stands out from the rest with his red-orange coloured exterior, floral arrangement and enjoyable terrasse. The building is on one, if not, the most frequented street of the suburb, Mirror Park BLVD. It is easily localisable, there are plenty of parking spots nearby and it is surrounded by a whole lot of little stores that are yet to fill your most intense shopping craves. The Coffee Shop has quite a diversified menu with plenty of coffee roasts from everywhere around the world, teas, juices of all kinds, cakes and the common sandwiches for your mid-day bites.


There's no reasons for you to not stop at the shop if you're passing by.


-Okita Takejiro


Stay tuned for more content:




((This form of VM is based on reactions and views))

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