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I've been asked to create a magazine cover and this is what I came up with.


((Forum is affecting the quality of the image, click on it for better quality))


Welcome to my Paleto Free Press LLC magazine cover blog post.


I've come across an advertisement made by Paleto Free Press LLC from Lilian Armstrong on a media platform known as Deveis. Paleto Free Press LLC, a Freelance company aims to reach to the Paleto audience in quite an unusual way, instead of getting and gathering content the way most media company would do, they invite their readers to send their own content and that is to make sure that what they publish is actually relevant to the reader. Content made by the audience is sure to be read by the audience as well is what they think.


The Deveis advertisement.

"Logo rebranding will be revealed next Friday. The cover of our magazine will be up for public voting on Saturday. If you are an artist and want your photo, drawing, or painting to be the cover image then submit them to me and I will put them in the vote for the public to pick next weekend. Please make sure your cover art is family-friendly."

This is the advertisement that has been posted on Deveis.com by Lilian Armstrong. You can find Paleto Free Press LLC's page here.


The making.


This seemed like a nice starter opportunity for a new Freelance Writer like myself. Right after reading the advertisement on Paleto Free Press LLC's, I contacted Ms.Armstrong to get involved as soon as I could with her idea and magazine. Creating content when you begin in this field of work is not easy, especially if you've got to find yourself projects to work on. So I thought of this call for content as a good way to build my Portfolio and hopefully to reach out for more customers for future work. If Lilian's satisfied with my work, I am more than willing to keep our professional relation going and I am definitely interested to get involved in more of her projects.

Being original, showing off my style, and telling my story.

With some ideas on my mind, I opened photoshop and made a quick sketch of what I thought Lilian would be interested in and with some content inspired from her current page and logo. I've made a total of 3 designs with different backgrounds and writing styles and this is the one that got selected. Perhaps not my best work, but I'm quite satisfied with it, taking in consideration the amount of time I've spent on it and the fact that I didn't get paid to take on this work, I'm quite happy with it. Feel free to contact me for work inquiries, reviews of my work or just to share your content ideas.

Stay tuned for more content:





-Okita Takejiro


((This form of VM is based on reactions and views))

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Name: Rebecca

Comment: Nice, but, uh... what is "Thurth?" Am I missing something?

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Name: Okita

Comment: It is part of Paleto Free Press' slogan. I guess it means that the LLC is about telling the truth and unravel the lies of people with power.

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