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[ttn] Another easy victory for the Republican Party

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Another easy victory for the Republican Party


Today, October the ninth would be the last day people could vote in the Board of Supervisors - Seat 3 Special Election. The reason for this election was that Council member Achim Hegeler's term expired. The Republican Party immediately announced that Veteran Texan politician Jonathan Foreman would run for them. With the slogan honesty, dedication and reliability they hoped to get another seat on the council. It was easy to say that they would win again since they already won an election by default last month. This came true when the results were announced on the seventh of October. Once again they won the election on contested. Now with Political Apathy at an all time high we interviewed Councilman Jonathan Foreman about his views for the future. Either way we from ttn hope that the next elections actually have more than one candidate so we have more to write about.




(A picture of Jonathan Foreman borrowed from the Los Santos Republican Party website)


Interviewer: Thank you for taking the time to answer some of our questions, sir. Let's begin with something simple today. Could you tell a little bit more about yourself?


Jonathan Foreman: Well, I'm Jonathan Foreman, I hail from Texas and I'm fifty five years old.


We heard from councilman Darling that you were a politician there as well. Could you explain your function in Texas?


I was the branch leader of the Texan Republican Party.


Interesting. What made you move to San Andreas if you were in such a high position in your home state?


To help Richard Turner with his campaign, and when I saw a council seat opened up I thought to myself ''Why not go here?''.


Alright. This is the second time an election is won by the Republican party uncontested. Do you think you have an explanation for this?


I guess the people of San Andreas have good faith in the Republican Party.


Since you are a veteran in local politics I wonder what kind of legislation you would like to push through the council. What can we expect from you?


Improve life in Sandy Shores and its surroundings, provide help to smaller businesses and decrease taxes on diesel engine automobiles.


I read on the web page of the republican party that y'all are supporters of building more housing. Will you also be supporting this?


Well of course I am, I'm already planning to pass a legislation to increase housings in the county.


Anything else you might want to tell the readers?


To have trust in our government.


Thank you for your time. Councilman Foreman truly is a man of a few words.


Want to read about what happens in Palito Bay at night?

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