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GTAV - [RP Suggestion] Citizenship/Green Cards/ Visas

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It would be cool if the Government on OwlV could process citizenship. This would allow players to role-play as a immigrant. Apply to become a citizen through various visas, and even apply to become a US Citizen. 



Gives a more-realistic and very unique approach to playing as a immigrant char. The immigrant char would need to be careful to keep its citizenship and not lose it through crime or forgetting to renew visa.  It could also introduce a branch of the government such as, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Furthermore, it would allow for players to play as illegal immigrants, if they so choose. 



It can take 3-5 years to get a citizenship in real-life. This would need to be fast-forwarded someway in-game. Furthermore, I understand that not everyone would want to play as a immigrant, get arrested, and no-longer be able to play as that char because they never set a immigration status. Therefore, I suggest that this be an optional feature for people who want to take the risk of deportation[Perma-jail?], etc. 

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What others said.

But to be honest here, it just doesn't seem like a system which would need some kind system and such. If you want to RP as an illegal immigrant, please do so nobody exactly stops ya :D Plus, people would barely use it in regards of the fact that it would be an unfavorable start from them script wise anyway.

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Declining this for now as we don't really have people to role play the federal level of enforcing this, and if a player wants to role play such they can do so themselves. They could also ask a PD member to add something to the MDT stating their status if they wanted it to be obvious to law enforcement.

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