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'Where Shopping is Done!'


Pandora Corporation is a holding company based of independent business establishments. The independent owners decided to join forces in order to create "Pandora Corp". There are several benefits of this such as, sharing Human Resources, Security Personnel , and moving around employees to various businesses based on need. Each business owner owns each establishment 100% and can leave the Pandora Corp network after a small fee is paid. Businesses pay an additional small fee every month based on monthly income for being apart of the business network. 


The Pandora Corp Executive Team:

  • Megan Dolvecci - | Chief Executive Officer | Store Owner | 
  • Gabriela Ramirez -  |Departing on December 27th, 2019|
  • Human Resource Manager [VACANT] 
  • Attorney[VACANT] 


Establishments apart of the Pandora Corp Network:

  • Grapeseed Pub | Owner: Megan Dolvecci
  • Grapeseed Pawn | Owner: Megan Dolvecci
  • La Mesa 24/7 | Owner: Gabriela Ramirez [ Leaving Pandora Corp Network on December 27th, 2019|




 We typically do not allow OOC recruitment. However, we offer plenty of IC ways to join us! You are more than welcome to reach out to Gabriela Ramirez or Megan Dolevcci through IC methods for corporate positions or store positions. This can be done through Deveis, In-game announcements, or  IC job posts we periodically put out on  the forum. We are very accommodating and will give almost anyone a chance at employment. Obviously, you will be expected to show a bit more RP if you seek an corporate position. This is currently a great faction for anyone interested in what it is like to run a startup business competing against the giant corporations and trying to make a positive name for ourselves in a brutal economy. By joining, you can literally make the difference on if Pandora Corp succeeds or falters. 







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17 minutes ago, Effect said:

Actually it is called Blaine County... 


Grapeseed is a part of it. 


Nevertheless, best of luck trying to bring some RP to another town such as Grapeseed. 

We changed it to LS County for the lore http://docs.owlgaming.net/lore/v_lore.html

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I think this Pawn Shop business is a good way to introduce new items to the server and make an economy flow on the server (perhaps we could work with the admin team to fix some prices on item and create item rarity and demand). We plan on creating roleplaying jobs available for players as we buy more businesses. This will eventually lead to more available scenarios for all kind of players no matter what role they opted for.


Megan Dolvecci.

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Pandora Corp Press Release 12/16/2019


Gabriela Ramirez, Store Owner and Business Development Manager, announces resignation from Pandora Corp to pursue her own ambitions as a entrepreneur with her new startup, yet to be made public, and her career with the C.A.A. She wishes the best of luck for Pandora Corp and hopes to be good business partners with them in the future. Gabriela has elected to move her store, La Mesa 24/7, out of the Pandora Corp network and this will be finalized by December 27th, 2019.On that date,  La Mesa 24/7 will be operating independently. 




I am leaving this particular faction. I do wish it the best as it was my first faction experience with a friend on OwlGaming! I will personally no longer be updating this thread, but, the faction lives on with many plans for the future.









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