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Rebecca Trent

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Not sure. If my phone had more power left in the battery, i could finish it now. The place I'm at right now though, I kinda have to share the computer. My phone should charge in about an hour so if I set down and work on it then, It should only take another 30 minutes.

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((I'm going to be doing weekly updates of high points and memorable moments the Rebecca experiences. Also, I technically only got to play for a few days before i had to leave home irl for a week, so expect longer and more action filled posts))



After selling her house in Los Santos, and buying one a few miles outside of Sandy Shores, Rebecca traded her old clunker of a car for a newer one, then she started her first shift at the Paleto Bay Station. She met Matthew Mills ((@ZythuM)) and the two of them went on a patrol. After her first shift, an emergency came up at home with her mom. She fell in the shower and broke her hip, but she fell ill at the hospital. Danny called her and told her. She took a week off of work to go be with her family in their time of need.

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Week 2 - Week 56 (Mini summary)

Once back from New York, Rebecca met lots of new people, firefighters, police officers, regular citizens, and even some bikers. Two of the bikers, Sully and Dom, took Becca to some of the countryside back roads to show her some racing routes they were doing, because she told them that she loved racing. She decided to take the Futo she had got when she traded her clunker out to a few of the routes to set some times. She had been learning how to work on cars for the last four years now, since she had been driving such a clunker for most of those four years, so she wasn't too worried about anything getting damaged. She ran the first route and set a nice time. She ran the second route and wound up crashing, rolling it down a cliff. After she called 911, she noticed she was cut, so she ripped some of her shirt off and covered the wound, taking some electrical tape she had stowed in the glove box and using that to hold the piece of shirt on. Then she took her belt off and tightened it around her arm as close to the wound as she could stand it. The medics arrived, but only after an Air Operations Unit pilot spotted her and sent her location to ground units. She spent a few hours in the hospital, and after she was released, she got to work on repairing the car. She lived in the little trailer outside of sandy shores for about two months, then decided to move back into the city. She bought a house that was in a pretty bad neighborhood, but that was close to one of the fire stations. She had just got settled into that house when she got another call from home. Her brother called her and asked her if she would like to attend an Air Operations seminar in New York. She was more than happy to accept. She went with the intent of spending a couple of days max, but wound up spending four months there. Her friends and family in New York were sad that she had to go back to Los Santos, but to her, Los Santos was home. The day she got back home, April 16th, 2020, she decided to join the Air Operations Unit.  She sent a letter of interest to the head of the unit and got accepted and promptly trained. She worked hard on getting in the right training and number of hours she needed to get her Fire Wings, and by May 5th, 2020, she earned them. In the month she trained for that, she didn't have too much free time, but, in the limited free time she did have, she met this guy named Danny, who just happened to be a gangster. He took her out on a date, but on that first date, she found out he had initially lied about his name. ((I forgot what he initially said his name was now, that's been ages ago.)) She called him out on it and he apologized. Lot's of her friends and some of her co-workers said that he was a good guy and that she should give him another chance. She was hesitant at first, cause she thought it'd be weird dating someone who had the same name as her brother, but she eventually decided to give him another chance. He wound up in jail a few days later, and she doubted she'd ever see him again, but when he got out, he came straight to her. She took him back, but warned him that if he ever lied to her again, or if he ever went to jail again, she'd end it with him. They were together for another month or two, until he disappeared. She hasn't seen him since. Soon after Danny's disappearance, she moved out of the neighborhood she had been living in, as the situation in Los Santos in general was only getting worse. May-August of 2020 seemed to be peak wildfire season, so the whole department was on high alert, keeping her extremely busy. Once it started slowing down and she could relax again, she met Ronnie (( @Rat )), another biker. They talked for a few days, and even went on a couple of dates. She went and got a makeover, cause she was feeling special, and she went to show him, and he broke up with her. Of course, it was due to the age gap between them, not the makeover, but she took it hard. She eventually got over it however, and to take her mind off of it, she decided to apply to become a Flight Instructor with the CAA. Not only did that serve to get her mind off of Ronnie, but, if accepted, she could use that position to train future AOU pilots. She got accepted. In September, rallycross came to Los Santos, and Becca and her passion for cars, decided to sign up as a driver. In her first race, she took third place.


Week 57

After spending many hours in many aircraft, Rebecca finally got her license for flying planes, and got the rating to be able to fly floating planes and helicopters. She is currently just a student flight instructor, but she has developed a passion for aviation. 


Week 58 & Current life

Currently Becca spends her time at home in Mirror Park, at work at one of the fire stations, in the air in a plane or helicopter, at the beach with friends, or at one of the many bars or clubs. She's not a heavy drinker, and she really can't hold her liquor, so she usually just has a glass of Mello Yello with a splash of Vodka. In the last week, she has started talking to a nice guy named Steven (( @ItsMelodyy )) which, for now, she's just planning on keeping as a friend, but there's no telling what the future holds. 

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