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[General] - Better (Facial) Hair and Clothing

Do you belive these resources are beneficial to the immersion/realism, and should they be added?  

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  1. 1. Do you belive these resources are beneficial to the immersion/realism, and should they be added?

    • Yes.
    • No (explain).
    • Other (explain).

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Script Suggestion


What would be the name of the script(s)?-

Better (Facial) Hair and Clothing

What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?-

What is the suggestion?-
I have done some digging around the RageMP forums and found up to three (3) resources that may be beneficial to the immersion and realism of OwlGaming in general. This suggestion may be a bit premature, seeing as the clothing script is not fully done yet, but I decided to take my chance.

These three (3) resources were made by "Soupiest". Especially the hair mod may be beneficial for the appearance of custom characters. It adds more realistic styles like long hair, dreadlocks and braids. The beard mods ads better, bushy beards; none of that "it's like a sticker for the face" stuff. No, actual beards that extend out from your face. And then there is the clothing mod, which adds a few skirts and dresses for females, and a few jackets for males.

What are the advantages?-
- Realism and Immersion receive a boost, as these resources allow us to better customise the appearance of our characters.


What are the disadvantages?-

I currently see none.

Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?-
https://rage.mp/forums/topic/2330-ragemp-new-hairstyles/- Soupiest "RageMP new hairstyles!" Resource.
https://rage.mp/forums/topic/3313-ragemp-new-beards/- Soupiest "RageMP new beards!" resource.
https://rage.mp/forums/topic/3314-soups-ragemp-clothing-pack/- Soupiest "RageMP clothing pack!" resource.

How would you go about implementing this idea?-
Give the resources a proper check and a debug (don't know how you go about this), and then add them to the server. In the future, modders/developers on OwlGaming could add more hairstyles made by themselves or the community.

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I found someone on GTA 5 Mods that has a lot more hairstyles AND some clothes that can be counted into this as well.


And Another One:


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