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GAT Recruitment - September 2019

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GAT Recruitment - September

Hello to you all.


Now that OwlV has opened and we have more or less settled from the initial launch, we feel confident opening admin recruitment again. The process will remain the same and anyone can apply for the positions in the admin team. Should you be accepted you will effectively be an admin on both servers, meaning your account is set as admin. You will be an admin on both MTA and V. If you'd rather just be an admin on MTA or V, this is also just fine and make sure you specify this to us in your application so that we are aware. Make sure you take your time with the application and best of luck to those planning to apply.


The process is still as follows:

Application -> UA Voting -> Interview/Test -> Induction into the Admin Team.


A general GAT update will follow with the accepted applicants and general updates within the team within a short amount of time. Applications will be left open for about a week, so try to get your application in by next weekend if you'd like to be considered for a position in our admin team. (Closing at the 15th of September.)


You can find the application form here:



Questions regarding the process or your own application can be directed towards one of the Lead Admins - through either forum PM's or contacting us on Discord.


OwlGaming Community,

OwlGaming Upper Administration Team.

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3 hours ago, Music said:

Good luck to all the peeps that want to apply, I've been thinking about it for the past couple of topics like this but yeah I don't really think I'm good for such role. 

Gwon x

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