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10 minutes ago, Stewart1 said:

Might want to fix the donation menu first in game

Use mantis, bugs.owlgaming.net


There's a number of people that have bought and are using the donation menu IG already though so might be an isolated issue to you.

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1 hour ago, Norm said:

People who making fun of MTA are the statwhores who usually login once a week to keep their 1-2 million interiors and cars active.  : )

MTA quite literally died though, owl at least

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5 hours ago, hook said:

How about owl mta?

This is about promoting the new server :)

4 hours ago, Music said:

Can this be in any other language too? Or just english for the moment? 

English at the moment since we're an English server, that's the demographic we want to target

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