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Application - Edward Hill

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Sabre Ltd - Security Officer Application



((IC Section))
Applicant Details

Name*: Edward Hill

Gender*: Male
Phone Number*: (TBA)
Place of Residence*: (TBA)


Educational & Experience Details


High school diploma/GED

Back in Los Santos i used to work as an Security Guard at alot of places there is where my Experience comes from.
Previous Job:

Security Officer (Armed)
Do you possess a Firearm License?:



Attach a copy of your license or SA ID: Not able to take a screenshot currently.



Why do you wish to join Sabre Ltd?:
I'm filling this application today in hope to join and be a part of this great team (Sabre Security) to be able to preform the duties I admire and experienced in, I chose sabre over other security companies due to the reputation of it, therefore I decided to share my experience with you and hopefully become a part of your team.

Why do you wish to work as a security guard?:
After quiting my previous job as a security guard in LS and flying over to Paleto Bay, I decided to continue in my same career field, and become a security guard with Sabre Ltd, because it's the job I had worked for several years and experienced at, as I stated priorly I wish to share my gained experience with Sabre Security in order to help it grow bigger, not to mention my experience with the security installations field, Which is what I'm really good at.
I chose to become a Security Guard so that I can enjoy my time while making money.

Briefly outline your relevant skills and experience[/i]
As I may have stated in prior questions, I have experience in this field due to working in several companies in LS before making it to Paleto Bay, and during this work years, I gained many skills, including but not limited to handling stressful situations, which allows me to work in stressful enviroments and handle any problem that may occur, and installing security equipments with professionalism and the best way possible, knowing where to place a certain camera to cover more area et cetera.

Why do you think you are suitable for this role?
Because i am experienced.

Do you have any criminal records? if yes, please state below:

Are you currently prescribed any medications or narcotics for any medical conditions? If yes, please describe below



Tick/explain your answer(All questions are mandatory)

Do you have any experience with providing armed security? If so, please describe
Yes, i do. Back in Los Santos i used to work for another of companies as Security Officer.

On a scale of 1-10, describe your driving skills in stressful situations, 1 being poor, and 10 being excellent

Have you obtained, or applied for, a security guard permit from the Government?




((OOC Section))

Forum Name*:
V Account Name*: Cloaked
Time Zone: GMT +1
Average weekly playtime: I will be playing everyday after 5 or earlier depends on my timetable.
Discord username#tag: Cloaked#4880
Screenshot of your character /stats: {field_value_1237}
Unedited screenshot of your in-game /history list: http://www.owlgaming.net/mta/history/eyJ1c2VyX2lkIjoxMjE3ODN9:1i4gQU:YwSHhKByOEV8tMR7dYMrkh0nd4o/

Are you familiar with Role-playing as a security guard Owl? (Tick your choice)


(I'm not able to provide you guys with screenshots currently as my pc is still being worked on. It'll be done in max two weeks and then i can provide ss / apply for all the needed things.)


Sabre Ltd is a legal faction. Even though your character may be illegal it's necessary to avoid/prevent any sort of illegal activity associated with the faction unless permitted.By submitting this application you are not forced to limit your creativity but you are given the freedom and opportunity to expand it while considering the minor conditions. Due to the nature of the job, any felonies against property or involving violence can result in your application being dismissed. By submitting the application, you consent to the recruitment staff contacting the Police Department to request a copy of your criminal record. In addition, you consent to the recruitment staff doing a search of any public government records regarding employment disciplinary actions including suspensions, reprimands, and terminations of employment. All information provided regarding medical conditions, and/or prescription medication use will be protected under HIPAA
Edited by Cloaked

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