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Introducing Sabre Ltd

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At Sabre Ltd our aim is not to line our pockets up with money but instead to invest back into our employees, whether this is by giving them opportunities to run their own events or through valuable training that furthers their knowledge for the future. We want to give back to the community and will work hard to ensure our services continue to be affordable with the best service given.



Sabre LTD currently has the following Subsidiaries:





Aimed at hosting events such as parties, concerts and even festivals in order to bring the community together. Alongside partying it up at our events, feel the need for Speed at one of our many Motorsports events throughout the county!





At Sabre Ltd we make it our mission to provide top class security guard services to ensure your events run smoothly without a hitch. Being safe enables you to focus on your mission. Our employees all have CCWP's along with security permits so that they can give you the protection YOU deserve. 


Sabre Design are providing the citizens of Los Santos and its surroundings with the logos, banners, posters etc they might need for their business, events and so forth whilst we ensure that the quality is up to our general Sabre LTD standards.

From start-ups to global corporations, around the country, we aim to deliver your goods on time and on budget. Whether it's helping you move house or stocking up your business we are here to help.

We are proud to be the 1# Delivery company in Los Santos, with the idea of delivering your furniture to your location so you do not have to lift a finger.




All our services are designed to be affordable and flexible to meet our clients needs. We will soon be opening up applications once again!




Current Partnerships:

We are proud to be partners with the below companies, and together we will work hard to help the community for the better.




For all enquires please email:

Rae Williams - Director (( @Vubstersmurf ))

Jake Finnigan - Director (( @ItsMelodyy ))

Cameron Williams - Assistant Director (( @Ixosis ))

Alexis DeLuca - Assistant Director (( @QueenC ))


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Topic updated! We are pleased to annouce our current partnerships and a revamp of our subsidaries in order to shorten the varied services into workable departments that suit the communities needs. We will be looking at working with other businesses to help the city of Los Santos expand as well as the county!


(( OOC note: We've decided to ensure all our services link in together in some way, with events and security they both entwine together in terms of being apart of the Entertainment sector, as for our logistics this has been built in working with partners to ensure affordable services are created and we create a more widespread realistic roleplay within the community. From encouraging people to roleplay stocking up businesses to helping them refurnish their homes by doing deliveries for them. We have shut down any subsidaries that had a bit of a far reach in order to shorten our services down into more managable sectors. Due to being an official faction we are always looking at ways to support new factions in ensuring they have the resources they need and to help them grow. If you require any OOC advice on starting up a faction or are unsure on how to proceed in starting a faction please feel free to reach out to me for some advice)).

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