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Character Kill Appeal - Jeremiah Lewis

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Character Kill Appeal


In Game Account Name-


Character Name-

Jeremiah Lewis

Date of Incident-


Supervising Administrator-



My friend and I were driving around in a van and I was sitting in the back. We were just looking for people to kidnap around idlewood. We found some guy and we decided that we were going to rob him so we pulled up beside him and I hopped out of the van with my machine-gun aimed at him and I started giving him orders to get inside the van and he did. However, when I tried to get inside the back of the van some weird bug happened and it caused me to get in the passenger seat so I got out and went to the back of the and tried to get inside the back again but the bug wouldn't let me and it sat me in the pass seat and I was really distracted by this that I forgot to send my /do in F8 that said "Jeremiah would still be aiming the weapon at Vince" because ICly I would never ever take the gun off of him because I was sure he had a gun because of he was wearing a hoodie and he had backpack and it was around 12 am. Back to the point.. the bug really distracted me from sending my /do and I completely forgot about it because I wanted to get in the back of the van ASAP in order not to catch anyone's attention or such. However, when the game finally let me get in the back the dude just hopped outside the van with no RP at all and shot and killed us. I legit thought he was getting outside just to help me get in the back because it was very obvious that there was some sort of glitch even mogs tested and confirmed it. However that was not the case, the dude hopped outside, took out his gun and shot and killed us.

Honestly, I think this is ridiculous for a few reasons, one being that if I had gotten inside the van with no issues I would have pushed my /do in F8 and I would have started hitting him until he lost his consciousness because that was my plan. Two: I had my gun aimed ICly at him I did not RP it but why would I not have the gun aimed at him? He looked very suspicious and I was sure he had a gun ps. why would I not have my gun aimed at somebody whom I'm planning to kidnap? Three: I waited for him to get inside the van and I had my weapon pointed at him all that time and I would have never took it off of him unless he lost his consciousness and that was my plan.

He simply took advantage of my bug and decided to hop out the van and kill us. This is blatant PG in my eyes because I would have never stopped aiming the gun at him and because realistically I would have noticed that he was reaching for his waist-line and would have immediately shot and killed him.




I also have a clip that was sent to me by Vince and I'll be sending it to the handling admin.

Method of Death-

Shot and killed.

Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?-



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Going to give my side as the handling admin.


After reading the logs you didn't do any RP in regards to holding the gun up to the guy you were kidnapping. If you intend to keep the gun close his head, as you claimed in PMs, then you should RP this if you're getting in the back with him:

(Read from bottom to top)

Aug 05, 2019 22:50:51 Player /ame, /ado Jeremiah Lewis Jeremiah Lewis's head was blown off.  
Aug 05, 2019 22:50:51 Player /b Jeremiah Lewis ?  
Aug 05, 2019 22:50:50 Player /ame, /ado Nevaeh Creed Nevaeh Creed's head was blown off.  
Aug 05, 2019 22:50:49 Player /b Jeremiah Lewis get in  
Aug 05, 2019 22:50:49 Player /district Vince Wellington You'd hear a series of loud sub-machine gun gunshots echoing throughout the vicinity  
Aug 05, 2019 22:50:47 Player /ame, /ado Vince Wellington Vince Wellington lowers a hand by his waist and take grip as he'd flick the safety OFF, quickly drawing out a firearm and take aim.  
Aug 05, 2019 22:50:42 Player /b Jeremiah Lewis fml  
Aug 05, 2019 22:50:34 Player /say Jeremiah Lewis English: Or you die  
Aug 05, 2019 22:50:32 Player /say Jeremiah Lewis English: Get in.  
Aug 05, 2019 22:50:29 Player /say Vince Wellington English: Just take it.  
Aug 05, 2019 22:50:27 Player /say Jeremiah Lewis English: In the fuckin' van now  
Aug 05, 2019 22:50:26 Player /say Vince Wellington English: I got it in my bag.  
Aug 05, 2019 22:50:26 Player /ame, /ado Nevaeh Creed Nevaeh Creed rolls their windows down.  
Aug 05, 2019 22:50:22 Player /say Vince Wellington English: Here.  
Aug 05, 2019 22:50:19 Player /say Jeremiah Lewis English: In the van.  
Aug 05, 2019 22:50:17 Player /say Vince Wellington English: Man.  
Aug 05, 2019 22:50:14 Player /say Jeremiah Lewis English: Stop  
Aug 05, 2019 22:50:11 Player /ame, /ado Jeremiah Lewis Jeremiah Lewis unbuckles their seatbelt.  

Furthermore, there was nothing stopping you from getting out the back of the van the same time he did:



There was a considerable delay between him getting out, and shooting. Ultimately, you claim that this is all because of a bug but the bug you have described has no affect on your ability to roleplay. Essentially, this is a case of who gets the jump on who.


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On 8/6/2019 at 4:53 PM, Mogs said:

Furthermore, there was nothing stopping you from getting out the back of the van the same time he did:



I literally started getting inside at the same time he was getting out and it took me a few seconds before my screen had finished loading getting inside the van.


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Alright, I'll handle this.

I will need all the evidence you got @LaPulga, that you didn't include in the CK appeal itself. 
Once I got that, I'll check it out and post my verdict. 

I would appreciate if everyone else would keep off the appeal, only those who's involved and can prove it may comment as well as IG handling admin. But please keep all comments civilized. 

Commenting on CK appeals while not being involved ICly will result in receiving forum points as well if you post any toxic comments etc. 

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@ToastyBud, I am still waiting on that video of yours, so if you could please hand it over and tell me your side of the story here so I can process this CK appeal it would be great, I'll give you until Monday. 

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With the evidence I've been given, and the talk I've had with @LaPulga

I don't see any wrong judgement here done by the handling admin, nor do I see any rule breaking which is why I have to deny this CK appeal. 
If you got any questions etc. I will be available in forum PMs. 

Sincerely QueenC 

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