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[RATIFIED] Law Enforcement and County Oversight Ordinance of 2018

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Law Enforcement Oversight Ordinance of 2018

Passed by the Los Santos County Government of the State of San Andreas Twenty Fifth of July, Two Thousand and Eighteen.



Chapter 1 - Foreword

Sec. 101—Definitions

(a)  For the purposes of this ordinance and all references to this ordinance, "Law Enforcement Agency” shall refer to any departments that enforce or administer state or local laws and ordinances, which act under the purview of the County Government.


(b) For the purposes of this ordinance and all references to this ordinance, "Documents” shall refer to any or all relevant reports, case files, or internal memos pertaining to the given subject.



(c) For the purposes of this ordinance and all references to this ordinance, “IA” shall refer to any internal investigation, conducted by a Law Enforcement Agency, regarding an employee, employee-involved situation, or having been undertaken after a civilian complaint or otherwise.





Sec. 102—Short Title and Table of Contents

(a) This ordinance may be cited as the "LEOO" or the "Law Enforcement Oversight Ordinance".


Chapter 1 - Foreword

Sec. 101 - Definitions

Sec. 102 - Short Title and Table of Contents


Chapter 2 - General Provisions

Sec. 201 - General Provisions Listings


Chapter 3 - Scope Of Powers

Sec. 301 - District Attorney’s Scope of Powers


Chapter 4 - Penalties

Sec. 401 - Penalties






Chapter 2 - General Provisions

Sec. 201— General Provisions Listing

(a) In order to maintain transparency and routine oversight, and to prevent corruption of authority, all Law Enforcement Agencies of the County Government shall make immediately available, any and all documentation pertaining to any criminal or civil investigation, internal affairs, and employee discipline, available to the Office of the District Attorney.


(b) In order to ensure that police officers are held accountable when they abuse their powers or otherwise violate the public trust, all Law Enforcement Agencies shall grant the County Commissioner and/or any designate, access to documents pertaining to IA investigations, and police-involved shootings.



(c) In order to create a transparent process by which members of the public can monitor and evaluate police misconduct and use of force investigations, Law Enforcement Agencies shall publish monthly press-releases covering the specific outcomes of each concluded IA investigation, and any disciplinary action taken in context thereof. In doing so, civilian names shall be publically redacted for their protection.



(d) In order to identify and address bias in Law Enforcement Agencies, the District Attorney shall be consulted before the conclusion of any Internal Investigation.







Chapter 3 - Scope of Powers

Sec. 301— District Attorney’s Scope of Powers

(a) The District Attorney shall have the authority to direct, instigate, and oversee any   criminal, civil or internal investigation conducted by a Law Enforcement Agency.






Chapter 4—Penalties


Sec. 401—Penalties.

(a) Any member of a Law Enforcement Agency who knowingly subverts or attempts to subvert this ordinance shall be immediately suspended and reviewed for fitness of duty by the Council of Supervisors, which may demand termination of the employee. If this member holds office within the Council, then they shall be excluded from deliberation in order to avoid conflicts of interest.

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