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[RENTAL] Rick Murdoch - GA STAND 105 [DUE: 22JUL2019]

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Section I - Personal/Basic Information

First Name: [Rick Murdoch]

Middle Name (If applicable): [Mosul]

Last Name: [Murdoch]

Date of Birth: [February 1st, 1992']

State the license(s) that you possess (vehicle, pilot, motorbike, weapon, etc.):



Section II - Reasoning and Long Responses


State the area(s) that you wish to rent below. 

Area One (1) - [Stands  105]

Area Two (2) - [Respond here]

Note: You may add more Area(s) if you wish to rent more of them. 


Contract Term: 

[ X] Monthly 

[ ] Tri-Monthly (5% Off)

[ ] Semi-Annually (10% Off)

[ ] Annually (15% Off)

Why do you wish to rent the mentioned area(s)? 

[I'd like to park my plane without any Problem and fly with my friends)]

State your reference(s) that you have (persons who can say that you are eligible of renting an area.)

Note: You may add or remove References Points if you have more or less of them. 

Section III - OOC Section

(( Owl Gaming Roleplay account username (in-game username): [DetectiveSGT ))
(( Owl Gaming Forums username:  [DetectiveSGT ))

(( Any OOC notes that you should be aware of: (Leave blank if no) ))

Signature: [Rick Murdoch] 
Initials: [RM]
Date:  [22/6/2019]

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Dear Mr. Rick Mardoch (( @DetectiveSGT )),


We are proud to inform you that your rental application has been accepted. By Wednesday 3rd October, you are to transfer the specified fee (mentioned below) to our Bank Account - "LS International Airport". You are to keep transferring the amount on the 1st of each month until you have decided to cancel your rental service. After transferring the fee every month (including the first payment), you must post a reply here notifying us that you have done so.


Use the format that is given below.


Your Rental/s: 

Contract Term: Monthly

Stand: Stand 105 / $3,750

Contract Final Price: $3,750


(( It is advised to screenshot all transfers you have made in case of future references. ))


Kind regards,

Alice Grace


Edited by Sergeant

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Mr. Murdoch, (( @DetectiveSGT ))



We'd like to remind you that we are seeking your payment for August.



LSIA Administrator,

A. Grace.


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