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  (Alex 'A-H' Harold ) - 24YO



 First Name: Alex.

  Last Name: Harold.
Nickname: A-H.
Age: 24 years.
Birthdate: 10 junuary 1995.
Place of birth: County Jefferson Hospital, Los Santos, San Andreas.
Current residence: Gleen Park, Los Santos.

Height: 180cm.
Weight: 71 Kg. 





Alex was born at County Jefferson Hospital in los santos ' 10 Junuary 1995', He found hisself lost with no parents (killed By police due to some illegal organizations, such as selling organs, Drug trafficking, and trying to kill a cop.) no family, Only his brother George.

 George took care of his brother till he grows up, at least he can handle and take care of his life.



Alex now a 6 YO kid, He Joined school for the first time, He was so confused, He barely saw childrens for the first time because he never tried to leave the house or even taking a look from the window, he was so scared because he had no parents to teach him their experience at this life and what is the life for a kid.



Alex now 14YO, he discovered that his brother is working as an experienced mechanic in an automotive, alex tried to learn from his brother, but his brother was refusing to let him know mechanics because he told him This : ' Don't do the same mistakes as me'



Alex now 16yo, He bought some parts for the subaru that George asked for, then alex suprised his brother by replacing the coilcovers. George was really confused because a 16YO knew how to replace coilovers without any help then he said that 'This kid probably gonna be so good at mechanics'. After that george tried to share his experience with Alex the 16YO kid, he gave him some advices what to do and what to not do.



Alex finnaly 18YO, He successfully passed the driving exam. He applied for a Mechanic job, he showed them his hard working character and they accepted him for a trial period, But he was lucky they promoted him to Manager after getting enough experience.


Feel free to comment, if u need part 2 let me know (i'll upload some rp screens for sure)

Special RIP to kane CKED xDD

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  • Alex Ordered some parts for his 2019 Subaru WRX STI, he would replace the engine with 2JZ also replacing the injectors with 2200CC, fuel pump and the transmission because 2JZ is not compatible with the Subaru's transmission.
  • mHKt0BA.jpg


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  • Alex Just imported his new project car 2016 Nissan GT-R Nismo because he is a huge fan and lover of the jdm cars even if some stupid fucks keep calling jdms ricers.



  • Alex decided to tune this thing to get more power and better acceleration and preparing it for the next build ( at the moment all done to it accesport, high quality coils. ) .
  •  ** You'de be able to notice that the car is lowered more than the first picture. ** 
  • xHzrth1.png
  •  Next Step of the build coming soon.

(( TOP 260 not 259 ))

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