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Car - 2020 Lexus RCF Track Edition [ENDS: 14/06/19]

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Los Santos Auction House - Car


Vehicle year: 2020

Vehicle brand: Lexus
VIN: Revealed to the winner.
Mileage: ***


The RC F Track Edition uses the same naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 (2UR-GSE) that powered the IS F sedan in 2008 and the standard RC F since 2015. It's the engine Lexus also uses in the LC 500 coupe and the GS F sedan. The company's strict warrantability standards mean this engine is limited to 500 hp, said Yuuichi Tsurumoto, the chief engineer on the RC F Track Edition and the man responsible for all Lexus F models. So supercharging the engine was out of the question. Increasing the V8's displacement to 5.5-liters or more was explored, but then the RC F Track Edition would have been subject to a gas guzzler tax, and that too was deemed unacceptable. The frustration in Tsurumoto's voice was clear.






Starting bid: $75,000
Minimum increase: $2,000
Buyout: $98,000

Auction end date: 6/14/2019
Contact details: ((Forum PM))

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1 minute ago, rosemarie said:

Name: anime waifu

Bid: 68k as starting



8 minutes ago, Script said:

Name: Valentin

Comment: Drove this car! It's pretty fucking brilliant! Would buy it if it could be added to my collection, but oh well.

My mate 

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Name: Drake

Comment: Is this car brand new? if not then what's the mileage on it?

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(( even with buyout he still lose money. Check google for the price // 

2020 Lexus RC F Track Edition




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