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Motorcycle - 2018 Confederate Motorcycles P-51 Combat Fighter [ENDS: 16/06/2019]]

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Los Santos Auction House - Motorcycle



Vehicle year: 2018

Vehicle brand: Confederate Motorcycles
Vehicle make: P-51 Combat Fighter

Mileage: 921
Color: Anodized Black
VIN: 157XX

Brutal, minimal, and built to last, reveal, and transform.
Fresh superabundant energy, force, and power are breathed into the world's rebel motoring culture, as envisioned and created, one machine at a time, by the fiercely independent hot rod giants upon whose shoulders we so proudly stand. Mentally cheap for their rearity, online value and recent price tags set to that bike in town.





Starting bid: $45,000
Minimum increase: $1,000
Buyout: $80,000

Auction end date: 16/06/2019
Contact details: Will be given to the winner of the auction.


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45 minutes ago, Stewie2K said:

Name : Stew

Comment : Top speed?

Name: Auctioneer
Comment: Top speed is 202km/h

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