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[EMERGENCY PRESS RELEASE] Earthquake Warning - Possible Flooding

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**A short GOV radio and TV broadcast would play**


2019-06-08 08:40:37 [NEWS] Klaus Wunnenberg says: **GOV ALERT Tune plays**

2019-06-08 08:40:46 [NEWS] Klaus Wunnenberg says: Good day my fellow citizens.

2019-06-08 08:40:52 [NEWS] Klaus Wunnenberg says: It appears rain has begun.

2019-06-08 08:41:05 [NEWS] Klaus Wunnenberg says: We have reason to believe, that this may signal an early onset of the predicted flood.

2019-06-08 08:41:18 [NEWS] Klaus Wunnenberg says: As of right now, I am authorizing a blanket exception for fortifications.

2019-06-08 08:41:32 [NEWS] Klaus Wunnenberg says: You are permitted to begin fortifying your homes, to protect against looters during this flood.

2019-06-08 08:41:46 [NEWS] Klaus Wunnenberg says: I also urge you now, to begin preparing, in case water levels begin rising.

2019-06-08 08:42:15 [NEWS] Klaus Wunnenberg says: once the flood has passed, these fortifications must come down.

2019-06-08 08:42:39 [NEWS] Klaus Wunnenberg says: Another broadcast will follow, incase water levels do begin rising.

2019-06-08 08:42:47 [NEWS] Klaus Wunnenberg says: Stay tuned, and stay safe, Los Santos.

2019-06-08 08:42:56 [NEWS] Klaus Wunnenberg says: *Gov outro plays*

2019-06-08 08:43:01 [TV] Klaus Wunnenberg ended the TV Show.


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