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Owlgaming playerbase survey

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I've created a very short survey just to see what the demographics, age ranges, and types of people that play on the server are. No personal information is collected, however I do ask for your username from here just so that I can prevent multiple submissions from the same person. Once I have enough submissions I'll publish the results in a separate thread. You don't have to participate in the survey, but I think it could be interesting to see what the results are

Owl Gaming Playerbase survey

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1 minute ago, Restrepo said:

We can't be straight, were forced to either be gay, lesbian or bisexual. 


already fixed it :)

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1 minute ago, BusterAces said:

i feel like u work for fbi and just tryin to gather intel not happening boss

if I worked for the FBI then we're all in trouble cause I suck at my job XD

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as a transclap demiqueer i for one am really ashamed that owl isnt doing enough to promote twink rp. this is a big step in the right direction ?

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