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Application - Vito Scalise

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Title: Mr

Full Name: Vito Scalise

Age: 49

Residential Address: N/A

Phone Number: 850148


Role you're applying for: Bartender

Why should we hire you for this role? (50 words minimum limit)
Dinoco should hire me for this role because I intend to serve every customer with a smile on my face and with a great attitude. I am also a team player putting others ahead of myself but also leading through example. Every Drink I make I will Imagine it going to someone I love

Do you've any former experience within this position?  Yes



(( Out Of Character Information ))


In-game username: VitoScalise

Location & Timezone: Central Standard, US

Direct link to your admin record: https://gyazo.com/72eaf81280efb07da91b9f03e88a0361


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