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Newsletter - End of March 2019

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End of March 2019 Newsletter





Community & Script Updates


Game Night

Our last GAT Update carries over for this month since it was posted a bit later than usual. Additionally, our Game Night #4 was a huge hit and we hope to continue having them in the future. If the community expresses interest in doing them, we'll be happy to host! Be sure to show interest in a post below to make your voice heard.


Easter Event

Around Easter, (April 21) we'll be unveiling a new event script, so everyone look forward to that. The event will be in character and have sponsors much like the Santa Truck during Christmas, @Unitts will be making that in character post to solicit sponsors in the near future.


Faction Team

The Faction Team as of this newsletter being published will be hosting its regular meeting within the week and vote on members who have applied from within the admin team, so even better response times should be expected with the extra manpower. We've been hearing good feedback for quite a while now about the response times, however, those of you who may have had less than desirable experiences in waiting for a response from the team, don't hesitate to shoot myself or another Faction Team member a PM so we can ensure any complaints are dealt with promptly.



The GTAV project has continued to see progress made in moving our client side code to C#. This has helped solve pre-existing bugs we weren't even aware of with the improved type checking. We expect that this move will also improve our performance and developer productivity. We have expanded on some of the commands that were reported to us during our closed beta as being critical and missing. Commands such as setting HP, setting a player in vehicle and more were added. Scripted jobs have been improved to be easier to create and manage. We plan to release another closed beta with more faction leaders very soon. We specifically want to involve more illegal RPers in our next beta. This will be announced soon™ and community members will be contacted if they are invited.


Community Spotlight


Ariana Grande Event

This past weekend the Ariana Grande concert was a huge success. It was fantastic to see so many people online for the event. Although the event had a small hiccup with RDM, everyone was revived and the event continued as the players involved were blacklisted.











Semi Truck Drag-racing Event

Today @ResidentPeach hosted an event at the LV Drag Strip, thank you to everyone who showed up! We hope to host many more frequent events and if you're interested in leading an event of some kind please reach out! We would be happy to provide assistance. @Vubstersmurf specifically would like to help anyone that is planning to do an event. 






Character Stories



There was an event hosted by Covington Construction, held just today and there have been a variety of illegal and legal factions popping up. Existing factions as well have been keeping their threads updated and posting interesting content so go check the section out.









To have your media featured in the next newsletter, submit it on the #media channel on Discord!












































2,725 reports handled in the month of March!

We're happy to say that player reports still remains a relatively small portion of the tickets!

(note: this does not include support tickets.)



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Top Newsletter yet again, just stop crashing the server when you come online to nick my ice cream @ThatGuy


For real though, anyone needs help setting up events IG or wants help with faction stuff etc just hit me up.


I'm nice. Honest.

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invite me beta ive got a scroll bar on my mdc 

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Cool, some of my pics are in here. Who played Ariana? He/she did a very very good job! Good use of animations and shit! 

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12 minutes ago, Pilovali said:

Cool, some of my pics are in here. Who played Ariana? He/she did a very very good job! Good use of animations and shit! 

it was me mate

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Great stuff. Glad to see more events are taking place. Perhaps I shall host a tuners event at the drag strip? ?

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20 hours ago, Zuclya said:

Great stuff. Glad to see more events are taking place. Perhaps I shall host a tuners event at the drag strip? ?

Host more events! :)

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