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David Whitefield v. Los Santos Police Department

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Traffic Appeal Petition

Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos


David Whitefield



Subpart 1. Information.


Full Name: 

David Whitefield

Contact Information:



Plaintiff Legal Representation:

Erik Olsson


Date of Submission:



Location Of Incident:

David Whitefields' residence


Weather Of Incident:



Date of Incident:



Vehicle Model:

Unknown at time of filing

Vehicle VIN:

Unknown at time of filing


Vehicle Plate:

Unknown at time of filing


Parties Involved:

LSPD, Collin Snyder, Plaintiff, Timothy Moreno


Were You Driving?:


Subpart 2. Appeal.


The plaintiff, David Whitefield appeals the following:

  • VC036

Subpart 3. Narrative.


My client, David Whitefield, purchased a vehicle from Timothy Moreno, not knowing it was unregistered.

My client then parked it at home and woke up the next day with a ticket for the vehicle being unregistered.


My client spoke to Collin Snyder of the LSPD who said there was nothing he can do and that the courts had to decide. Additionally, Timothy Moreno spoke to Collin Snyder and explained that the vehicle was unregistered (unknowingly) prior to sale to David Whitefield.


Subpart 4. Evidence.


Exhibit 1. Email from Client





Subpart 7. Declaration.

I, Erik Olsson, affirm that the foregoing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


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Steven Spade takes a seat in the courtroom.

"Mister Olsson, if your client can present POP,  this can be dismissed quickly"


(( @Wright ))


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*David Whitefield stands up, walking towards the bailiff, handing him the proof of purchase paper, reading "2 March 2019".*

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