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Teonce Jefferson - Application

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Full Name: Teonce Jefferson

Date of Birth: 20/10/1993


Gender (Optional): Neon Blue Frisbee

Your Home Address: 1657, Mason St.

Contact Number: 727817

Desired Job Role: Crew Member


Why do you want to work for us? (50 words or more): Would like to work for the Stack as it's near where I live, and I gotta make money somehow. Gotta start somewhere, you know? Not going to write a sob story about how my family has been in the pizza business for 20 years, applying because it appears that there is a lack of employees (from what I've seen visitng the place every so often) and I'd like to provide my services.

Have you ever been convicted of a felony? (if Yes, Explain why): No.

Signature to confirm that all information provided within this form is legitimate and truthful: ** There would be a squiggly 'T' in this section **


OOC information


Forum Username: @Renny

In-game Username: OfficialRenny

Screenshot of /history:

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The Well Stacked Pizza Co.




Dear Teonce Jefferson,

We at The Well Stacked Pizza Co. have retrieved your application and we are happy to announce that we have decided to ACCEPT you into a thirty(30) day trial period as a Crew Member.

Please call our hotline 6565 for more information and to finalize your recruitment.


S. Zhukov
Asst. Manager.
The Well Stacked Pizza Co.

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