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Faction Team Update - February 7, 2019

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5 minutes ago, ResidentPeach said:

 I can't be the only person who completely looks at you as a bigot when it comes to any form of discussion in a thread.

Heh, you're not.

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Cough* To all you farmer bois, The farm in the middle, between Palomino and Montgomery, needs to be force sold as its currently sitting at 38 days being unused. You welcome. 

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4 hours ago, RayPayne said:

Cough* To all you farmer bois, The farm in the middle, between Palomino and Montgomery, needs to be force sold as its currently sitting at 38 days being unused. You welcome. 

Inactivity Protected more than likely.

I live in Palo on one of my characters and I've been keeping an eye on it.

Itll randomly reset back to active, then go inactive again.

Pretty sure it has been protected by whoever owns it... hate when people own farms just because the "coolness" about owning one.

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15 hours ago, CHOPPA666 said:

Could you for example roleplay in a Legal faction, let's say a sports team, grab them logs and pretty much RP a professional athlete through legal VM?

Not really, that's a lot more complex and has a lot of moving factors that someone roleplaying opening a local business. Virtual markets as a whole are meant to be supplementary, so people who already enjoy opening legal business or who are more inclined to do it than others can now get paid some money to pay their employees and make a bit of profit. The benefit is roleplay, the secondary benefit is not having to RS Haul or something of that nature to run your business, make sense?


12 hours ago, Vorras said:

Glad to see the Legal VM being updated!


By the way, when you mention bars, nightclubs, restaurants, owners will be available to VM the stock that they've ordered from a logistics' company or only booze and food exclusively made by themselves?



Yes, if you have a product that you wish to sell as part of this business, please include that information. We don't want you to spend money buying actual products to sell to players and have them sit when in reality they would sell. We on the other hand won't guarantee you will sell all or even a lot of your product, we want to try and strike a balance.


12 hours ago, Gazzeh said:

too bad the FT was too busy not promoting legal VM when some of the farm owners wanted to create agriculture in the server.  even had the equipment and everything for it.

This is a bit misguided and I would encourage you to read previous FT updates. The purpose of a virtual market is to simulate demand in a space where it otherwise does not exist from the players. Drugs is a good example of this because there is no script benefit to drugs, thus, a player could never sell the kind of volume in game as they would in real life, making drugs the staple in the illegal world. An artificial demand is created in the form of a virtual market to remedy that and create more realism in the illegal world regarding something that players already regularly interacted with. In the legal world, this has existed for a very long time in the form of musical and article virtual markets. We've recently made a form for this but it's been supported for a while. Selling music and writing news articles is something that is nearly impossible to make money off of from other players in the game but it's something that's very important to the legal roleplay of the server, that's why it was created.


Obviously, we cannot make a virtual market for every potential legal business. Also, there are many more ways to make money legally than illegally, so the space did not require as much support and there is already more incentive to do legal roleplay than illegal roleplay in terms of what require "artificial demand" to be created. Players will go to restaurants and clubs regardless of a VM whereas players very rarely buy drugs without a VM. Obviously we want to increase the legal RP of the server, hence this creation, but it still will not support 1 or 2 people going out on a piece of land and farming by themselves. Players are going to have to still put effort into their activities. Hire employees, create a lot of roleplay, try to interact with others in the server, etc.


Anyway, hope that clarifies everything a bit.


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