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SOLD - 2018 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 [ENDS: January 16th, 2019]

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Los Santos Auction House - SUV





Vehicle year: 2018

Vehicle brand: Chevrolet
Vehicle make: Colorado ZR2 CrewCab
VIN: 19589
Mileage: 11,405





Previous winner never came forward, so it's back up for sale!
Very nice truck coming straight from one of its first few owners.
I got this truck from a good friend of mine as part of a trade deal and thought about keeping it.

Pretty good truck, but I rarely use it and I'm trying to downsize my fleet a bit so I have less vehicles to mange upkeep on.

This thing is essentially a Raptor, but faster and in my opinion much better on and off the road... It'll top out at 95 miles per hour, thus beating the Raptor!

( Note: 95 miles per hour is approximately 155 kilometers an hour! )

Vehicle is being sold as-is, but will come with a pair of brand new snow tires for next winter, Alarm w/ built-in GPS Satellite Tracking, and a set of Federal Couragia MT All-Terrain Mud-Tires for once this winter is over. Overall, I feel like the upgraded tires will make it twice as good as it currently is.






I've added a few photographs demonstrating the suspension's articulation. It's quite nice to look at and it flexes a perfect about in my opinion.

I've never gotten stuck whilst taking the beaten road home.


















Starting bid: $30,000
Minimum increase: $500
Buyout: $45,000


Auction end date: January 16th, 2019
Contact details: [email protected]


(( Please, no IC or OOC Comments. Thanks ))


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Starting Bid lowered by $500 and most likely won't be lowered anymore.


If nobody bids on it, I'll just look into trading it in or I'll keep it and build it into the ultimate Raptor killing offroad machine.

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Starting Bid lowered to a measly $30,000 cash. This is by far the cheapest Colorado ZR2 you'll find, as there's no extra fees to be paid upon buying this one.

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On 1/12/2019 at 2:58 AM, BremboBG said:


Bid: Starting

Just noticed what day it is.


You won, contact me privately.

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